The Apocalypse Challenge

This legacy challenge was originally written by Pinstar in 2004 for The Sims 2 (Pinstar's Original Sims 2 Apocalpse Challenge is now being maintained by the Apocaborg Pinstar and ImagineMystic have a new blog, as well, if you want to pop in and see what they are up to). I spent many tense, yet happy, hours anguishing over whether my sim would live till midnight so she could eat! In 2009, simmer Ashleigh825 tweaked the rules to reflect The Sims 3 (Ashleigh's Apocalypse Challenge Thread .). I included and have updated Ashleigh's rules to include all Expansion Packs. Thanks, Ash, for the hard work you put into the original rewrite!

I would like to present to you now, my own update of the rules for play with The Sims 3 and all it's expansions. I hope I have stayed within Pinstar's original vision for the challenge. I know I'm looking forward to playing it!

Without further ado .... The Apocalypse Challenge

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The Sims 3 Apocalypse rules translated into other languages

German -
Russian - Mixei.RU
Chinese - Chris Xu

Note: These rules were not translated by us and as we are not native speakers we can not guarantee that the rules posted on the above sites are accurate or up to date.

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