The Amazing Naturalist
Prerequisites - Symphonic, Military, and Science

In order to clear this restriction, the sim who attempts it will collect and catalog fish, insects, plants, animals and natural minerals, rocks, and gemstones.

What you need to collect is determined by what expansions you own. The number of items in each category represents the total number of specimens available in the base game (with the exception of the small animals category). You must include in your collection for each category the Special specimens that do not require a quest to obtain, and the Extraordinarily Unusual and the Rare specimens to make up your numbers. The more expansions you have, the more options are available to fill out your total, but the more difficult to find items there will be required on your list.

Only ONE sim at a time in the household may attempt to clear this restriction. Once your first sim who attempts this category dies or,you decide to have them quit to work on another category, without clearing this one, then you may choose another sim to start in on it. Any produce that your predecessor found or developed, any bugs, metals, gems or rocks that were found and placed in storage MAY be used by the new sim attempting to lift the restriction. However, the new sim must start over with fishing and finding small animals. The cryogenic storage chest didn't adequately preserve the fish, lizards, turtles, rodents or birds for future use and there was an unfortunate soup bowl accident that obliterated the small animal catalog compiled by your predecessor.

This IS your job. If you decide to get employment in another job, or you decide to clear Naturalist instead of this Prestige method, you must immediately cease attempting to lift The Amazing Naturalist with that sim. The sim who quit A.N. will not be allowed to do more than water the garden for the sim now attempting to lift A.N. If you are in another job and decide to try to lift this restriction, you must first quit that other job before starting on the lift.

IF you are concerned that traveling to WA adventure locations will cause game stopping instabilities in your game, you have a couple of options:
  • Use AnyGameStarter3 to create a game that does not have WA associated with it.
  • Risk traveling anyway. Create a back up before you travel to and from just in case things glitch out.
  • Install mods to reduce the risk. There are mods out there that greatly reduce the risk of traveling.
    • Twallan's Traveler mod is a prime example. It's purpose is to fix the problems associated with traveling

A word about storage. WA offers storage chests which become available once you can travel. Supernatural offers collection cabinets that will store everything but your small animals - but they tend to be buggy and you can lose your entire collection in these cabinets so be cautious. The WA storage chests seem to be stable.

A final word about collections. Sometimes you can find special specimens of fish, animals, or minerals by doing special things, such as exploring catacombs, fairy arboretums, or tombs. Different expansions have brought new ways to find space rocks too. If you have the relevant expansions, you are welcome to use any of their special ways of finding these collectibles, given any other governing restrictions on them have been lifted.

    • Only sims attempting to clear this category may garden or take a gardening class (Education needed for taking any class) or collect seeds or harvest plants anywhere in the world.
    • Other sims in the household MAY help you water the garden. However, they may NOT weed or harvest the plants.
    • You must collect and grow a minimum of 14 plants (this is the total number of base game plants that do not require a quest line to discover).
    • You may use the skill books to level up your gardening skill.
    • If Education and Military are cleared, you may take the gardening class at the science facility as well.
    • You may also watch the gardening channel on TV.
    • You must choose ANY 8 plants that you have grown to develop into perfect specimens and grow the perfect garden.
      • Your 8 perfect plants must come from the list of special and rare plants as you have the expansions. Then you may fill out your perfect garden with lesser species.
      • Plants must all be at maturity and bearing fruit (or veggies, or ... whatever they bear) at the same time to count toward the completion of the challenge.
      • You do NOT need to have your perfect garden concurrent with your perfect aquarium
      • Only plants grown on your home lot count toward the completion of this restriction.
    • The following list of plants of rare plants found in the game.
      • There are 17 rare and special plants in the list, which means that you must grow 14 of these plants if you have all pertinent expansions.
      • If you do not have all the expansions listed, and find your list is short of 14 required plants after you have your rare specimens, then substitute more common, garden variety (:P) plants in their place.
      • Regardless of other restrictions, you need have no more than 13 rare or special plants; the 14th plant may always be any common or uncommon species you wish. (You may of course have all rare and special plants, but you need not do so).

      1. Death Flower - base game
      2. Money Tree - base game
      3. Life Plant - base game
      4. Flame Fruit - base game
      5. Bell Pepper - base game
      6. Garlic - base game
      7. Cherry Tree - WA
      8. Pomelo Tree - WA
      9. Cranarlet Nuala Grapes - WA
      10. Gralladina Fran Grapes - WA
      11. Plasma Fruit - LN
      12. Banana - Showtime
      13. Truffles - Supernatural
      14. Glo Orbs - Supernatural
      15. Ghost Chili - Supernatural
      16. Chamomile - University Life
      17. Bumble Leaf - University Life

  • Fishing
    • Only sims attempting to clear this category may go fishing or take a fishing class.
    • The sim attempting this MAY take the fishing class at the grocery store regardless of whether Education has been cleared in order to have one point in the skill. Once you have one point in the skill, you can watch the fishing channel on the TV to skill up.
    • You must catch a total of 21 fish, and present the perfect aquarium representing 13 perfect fish.
      • You must catch 13 perfect fish and keep them in fish bowls on your lot, so that you have all 13 alive at one time
      • You must collect every one of the special fish on this list that you own the expansions for
      • Your perfect fish must come from this list first, then fill out your perfect aquarium with lesser species.
        • NOTE: The Ninja Star Fish comes in only one flavor - Normal - and will not be part of your perfect private aquarium. As long as you have a Ninja Star Fish as part of your 21 total fish, if you own Showtime, you are good to go.

      1. Death Fish - base
      2. Robot Fish - base
      3. Vampire Fish - base
      4. Mummy Fish - WA
      5. Dragon Fish - WA
      6. Ninja Star Fish - Showtime
      7. Fairy Damsel - Supernatural

  • Insects
    • Only sims attempting to clear this category may collect insects.
    • You must capture 20 insects.
    • You must include all the rare and extraordinary and special specimens available to you in your collection, but there are two exceptions:
      • If you have Late Night and Showtime, you only need to count the Showtime bugs. The Late Night spawners do not work properly with Showtime, so you may skip the Will-o'the-Wisps. (You may still collect them - for example, a werewolf or cat may be able to do so - but you are not required to).
      • You are permitted to skip 1 rare, extraordinary, or special specimen of your choice. For example if you have the base game, you may decide not to bother with the Silver Skipper; if you have the base game, Showtime, and Late Night, you may skip both Will-o'the-Wisps and the Firefly Purpureous.
    • With those exceptions in mind, the following list of beetles and butterflies are required for you to capture as part of your 20 insects.

      1. Rainbow Beetle - base
      2. Rainbow Butterfly - base
      3. Spotted Beetle - base
      4. Trilobite beetle - base
      5. Silver Skipper - base
      6. Zebra Butterfly - base
      7. Red Assassin Bug - WA
      8. Cleopatra Butterfly - WA
      9. yellow Band Dart Butterfly - WA
      10. Glow Fly - WA
      11. Blue Will-o'the-Wisp - LN *NOT REQUIRED if you own Showtime
      12. Pink Will -o'the-Wisp - LN *NOT REQUIRED if you own Showtime
      13. Firefly Roseus - Showtime
      14. Firefly Purpureous - Showtime

  • Small Animals
    • If you own the Pets expansion, you must catalog a total of 20 unique small pets
    • Only sims attempting to clear this restriction, or the family cat acting under the approval and direction of the sim attempting to clear naturalist, may collect small animals.
    • To catalog, you must collect the animal (or receive it from your cat). Then you may keep it, sell it or set it free as you wish.
    • You may adopt a cat and have them help you collect the small animals if Forensics is lifted. (Education needed to train animals to hunt for you).
    • Any sim in the household may tend and take care of small pets you choose to keep.
    • You must have 6 of the 12 animals on the following list amongst your 20.

      1. Blue Bird
      2. Lilac Breasted Roller
      3. Spotted Sixam
      4. Chameleon
      5. Ancient Dragon
      6. Pygmy Hedgehog
      7. Chinchilla
      8. Pygmy Tortoise
      9. Spiny Turtle
      10. Scarlet King Snake
      11. Iridescent Sheildtail Snake
      12. Falcon

  • Rocks, Gems, and Minerals
    • ANY sim in the household from the founder and on may collect rocks, gems, and minerals according to proximity to the lot and what restrictions have been lifted.
      • If Military is not lifted, then you are restricted to your own lot and your immediate neighborhood for collecting rocks, gems, and metals.
      • If Athletic has not been lifted, then you are restricted to only 3 things in your inventory at a time.
      • If you are not yet allowed to travel, you may only get things from the home neighborhood.
      • If you do not have Politics cleared, you may run out of room to store them, so choose wisely what you keep and where you keep it.
      • You do NOT have to sell these minerals during your weekly protection payment. However, if you use a different method than the sell everything and buy it back, you will be accounting for the cost of these things in your payment.
    • You must have 12 gems total and 3 special or rare gems in your collection, including every gem in List 1 that you have the expansions for.
    • You must have 7 metals total, and 2 special or rare metals in your collection, including every metal in List 2 that you have the expansions for.
    • You must have all the space rocks named in List 3.
      • For your specimens to count, they must be Special or Unusual.
        • Analyze the space rock to determine whether it is mundane, special or unusual.
        • The rocks you collect can be any size, so long as they are special or unusual specimens.
    • You can collect these rocks in a multitude of ways:
      • Finding them laying on the ground in the neighborhood.
      • If you own WA, you can use the board breaker to break space rocks.
      • If you own Seasons, you can use a space craft accessible to you to search Sixam, the Asteroid Belt and the Moon.
      • Also if you own Seasons, you can summon a meteor if you are an alien, and collect the rocks that way. (Note that aliens may NOT summon meteors until Alien Technology is lifted.)
      • If you own Ambitions, you can use the rocks scattered by a meteor hit.
      • If any expansion offers

    • List 1
      1. Rainbow Gem - base
      2. Pink Diamond - base
      3. Diamond - base
      4. Soulpeace - WA
      5. Opal - WA
      6. Jade - WA
      7. Septarian Nodule - WA
      8. Flourite - WA
      9. Tiberium - WA, Ambitions or Pets
      10. Vampire's Eye - LN
      11. Sunstone - Supernatural
      12. Moonstone - Supernatural

    • List 2
      1. Palladium - base
      2. Plutonium - base
      3. Mummitomium - WA
      4. Titanium - WA
      5. Compendium - WA
      6. Supernovium - WA
      7. Woohooium - Ambitions

    • List 3
      1. Bellacite
      2. Gossticite
      3. Dukeadite
      4. Holmberic
      5. Llamatite
      6. Mazzadrayte
      7. Pearsonite
      8. Rodiekceous
      9. Sporocite