The nuclear meltdown and resulting steam explosion contaminated the local area, including the buildings. Their structural integrity lost, many buildings simply collapsed while others were condemned due to heavy radiation. As the survivors cling to life, they resort to building basic shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Without proper knowledge of building safety requirements, these shelters were kept as simple as possible to avoid risk of collapse. Making do with scraps of wood, carpet, metal, mortar and bricks, survivors no longer dream of building beautiful abodes. As they rebuild, rumors of hidden meeting places pass from one to another and that the famous architect Howard Brady may have survived the explosion.

Your sim decides to fix the situation and embarks on a career path to restore the beauty and utility of well built architecture to the region so that sims everywhere may have spectacular homes.


    • Prerequisites - None
    • "There is nothing like staying home for real comfort." Jane Austen
      • You may not select this method unless:
        • You have Military unlocked and rolled Architect.
          • Note that the founder may do this, as normal, even though Military has not been unlocked. Similarly, note that only Sims that are at least Young Adults may seek employment via the random method.
        • You have Journalism and Military lifted and can just choose what you want to lift.
        • You have Ambitions installed and are offered Architect via the paper or computer.
        • You have University Life installed and are offered Art Appraisal (you must have Rebel 10 for this to occur).
      • One sim in your family is deeply concerned by the deplorable state of the houses in this town. They are broken down and some are even dangerous to live in. People have shoddy furniture, poor fitting window fixtures and exposed wiring. Your sim KNOWS they can make a difference, so they set out to do just that
        • Reach level 10 in Handiness and Painting.
        • Write 1 hit or best seller Non Fiction Book.
        • Reach level 5 in both Business and Politics careers.
          • You may freely switch from whichever of these you choose first once you reach level 5 to the other, regardless of any restrictions such as Journalism or Master Thief.
    • Your sim has worked hard to ensure the safety of sim houses around the town. They have helped residents build new and better furniture, fix faulty wiring, and they have EVEN helped people procure some decent decorative things to make their living space more comfortable and inviting. However, your sim knows they must confront the city council about their stinginess in making mass goods available. In a dramatic showdown at a city wide Town Hall meeting, your sim presents their extensive research and exposes the penurious attitude of one of the senior council members and publicly shames the council into allowing business to stock and sell all manner of home improvement items. Architect restrictions are now lifted.
    • Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion
    • “A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines." Frank Lloyd Wright
      • Reach level 10 in the Architect profession.
      • NOTE: You may ignore all building or buy mode restrictions when remodelling client homes. For example, you may place plants, build pools, and so forth - assume the mob has provided black market items.
    • Prerequisites - University Life Expansion
    • "The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep." Paul Strand
      • Reach level 10 in Art Appraiser-Art Appraisal career branch.


  • Your house may only have a total of TWO levels.
    • You can have a combination of as many basements and above ground levels as you want within that limit.
      • The roof is inaccessible and you may not place anything on top of it.
    • Above ground levels of your house MUST be built on stilts or a foundation (one of the two square block ones, not the stage platform one). The ground does not count as one of your levels.
    • The illustration below shows the three possibilities for construction and how they affect your 2 levels



No level visible.
The ground where the car is parked doesn't count as a level.
Can build up two more levels, down two levels or up one and down one.

Two Levels Visible.
The ground level where the car is parked doesn't count.
The first story is one built on the foundation.
The second story is two.

One Level Visible.
This configuration does not allow for a place to park a car as it must be
on the ground within the 8X8 area.
You can build up or down one additional level.

  • If you choose to recolor an object, you must use the most worn, cracked, or faded options available. There is no option for spiffy, shiny, and new looking objects.
  • Sims may not purchase anything with an environment score over 1 except for any items specifically allowed (fireplace for example).
  • Sims may not purchase buy mode objects over $1000 in price.
  • Sims may not have any but the cheapest appliances available.
    • This applies only to appliances. Other categories of items are only limited by the $1000 rule above (plus whatever other restrictions apply, such as Criminal and Paranormal for beds, for example).
  • The only item from the Decorative tab that may be placed is the cheapest mirror.
    • Sims may not use anything else from the décor tab with one exception. If you want to add some atmosphere and have the room, you are allowed to add items from the miscellaneous décor tab that have NO environment score, are under the $1000 limit and are thematically appropriate. There are a few things that fit this requirement: stacks of magazines, ITF toilet paper holder, rusty buckets, jars of paint etc..
    • Sims may not use any curtains, rugs, or picture frames. The plant tab of the décor is also restricted by Naturalist.
  • Sims may not visit the Art Gallery
  • Sims may not hang pictures they paint anywhere on the lot.
    • If Business has been cleared, you may sell paintings that you make.
    • Any paintings that are not sold must be placed into family inventory or carried in your backpack and count against your item limit.
  • Sims may not talk about art.
  • Decorative build items (flooring, wall covering, fences, etc) must be the most basic, least expensive options.
    • You aren't required to use the free wall covering and floor covering but should use the least expensive alternative.
  • Sims may only have the cheapest fireplace available and they may only have one on the lot at any given time.
  • Sims may not paint paving stones on the lot.
  • Sims may only use windows $40 or less in price.
  • No space completely enclosed by wall elements is allowed on a community lot except for rabbit hole buildings and building shells - they are objects and thus not covered under this rule. But any building you do on those rabbit hole lots MUST comply. Rabbit hole buildings may also be placed in basements (the only allowed NON emergency usage of "moveobjects on".)
  • You may not use building cheats. Moveobjects may only be used to fix glitches.
  • See Business restrictions for how many build mode objects can be placed at a given time on your lot.
  • You may only use the Flat roof. (Anything else is too advanced and architecturally out of reach.)
  • You may use Auto Roof on a pre-built lot on the first day to replace the roof with a flat one, but after that you may not use it at all.
    • Until Business is lifted you may only have one drafting table, one Sculptor's deck and one Inventor's bench. The inventor's bench is also restricted by Science.
    • The drafting table may only be purchased for a sim attempting to lift Architect via the Architect Profession or a sim attempting to lift Entertainment via the Stylist career.
      • Only the Sim attempting to lift Architect or Entertainment via the Ambition careers may use the drafting table. Hint: Move the chair when not in use.
      • Sims in the Architect Profession may ignore the Business building restrictions (that is, they may buy as many buy mode or build mode items as they wish, and can freely delete buy mode items) while they are remodeling clients' houses. It is assumed that the clients have arranged the delivery of everything you need to make over their homes in the way they want.
    • Sims may not display sculptures they have created anywhere on the lot.
      • if Business has been cleared, you may sell sculptures.
      • Any sculptures that are not sold must be placed into family inventory.
      • Sims may not talk about sculptures or inventions. (also restricted by Science)
    • Toys produced by the "practice inventing" interaction on the Inventor's Bench must be immediately placed into family inventory.
    • Sims may not use or build Deco Elevators (also restricted by Science).
    • You may not place spiral staircases.
    • Sims MAY hang their high school diploma.
  • PETS
    • You may not purchase or use the Kitty Tower (big, multilevel scratch post/sleeping platform).
    • The garden pots MAY be purchased.
    • Sims may not decorate for the holidays.
    • Sims may not "capture the moment."
      • You may still do screenshots, but capture the moment puts the screenshot into your memories.
    • Sims may not have photos taken in the photo booth at the festival grounds.
    • Sims MAY hang their University Diploma.
    • Sims may not do street art on community lots.
    • Sims may not do street art on other sims residential lots unless they have a friends or better relationship.
    • Photography is not allowed. (Also mentioned in WA and further restricted by Science and Communications.)
    • Sims MAY have one sketch pad for the family.
    • Sims MAY keep ONE street art kit and ONE megaphone for the family.
    • Any subsequent street art kits and megaphones you get from earning Rebel points must go into your family inventory or may be sold if Business is clear.
    • You MAY use ladders in your land locked house in place of regular staircases.
    • May not display shells or bottles that you have found.
    • May not hang the treasure map if you find all 4 pieces of it.
    • Houseboat rules
      • You may only have one level under the deck of your house boat.
      • You may have up to two levels above deck if you don't have one below.
      • Your helm control panel must be located within the structure. (also restricted by Symphonic)
      • You MAY use ladders in your house boat.
    • The gardening rugs MAY be purchased. (The grass is synthetic, the dirt is real)
    • Sims may not use or build Tube Elevators (also restricted by Science).
      • Artisan's Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station (also restricted by Science)
    • Artisan Crafter
    • Extra Creative
    • Efficient Inventor

Once a great architect rises in the family, blueprints are drawn up to create safer homes for the survivors. With the construction company the architect started up, sights are set on rebuilding the community areas damaged by the catastrophe. While the region is being rebuilt, Howard Brady reveals himself to the public; bringing with him his engineering prowess. Together with the newly arrived City Planner, the region begins to make use of the quality building supplies stashed at formerly secret locations