Bonus Points award you for completing additional tasks in addition to the required tasks to lift the restrictions. Total Bonus points are capped at 250. So getting more than that does not help your score and may negatively impact it as it may take longer to try to get additional points.

Admirable Adonis
Earn points for being physically fit.
  • Trainer: 3 points for every sim outside your household trained for ten hours (maximum 30 points)
  • Athlete: 1 point for every sim in your household that reaches level 10 before they die (maximum 20 point).
    • A maximum of 50 points can be acquired from this bonus option.

Amazing Naturalist

Earn points for collecting and cataloging crystals, fish, insects, gemstones, plants, metals, nanites, small animals, space rocks, and sprites.
  • 1 point for every unique type of collectibles (maximum 60 points)
    • Any sim can collect items throughout the challenge. It does not have to be a single sim.
      • Though note that until Naturalist is lifted, only a Sim lifting Naturalist can fish or collect seeds.
    • Anything crafted does not count - paintings, sculptures, and inventions for example cannot be counted for points.
    • The collectibles must be kept in order to count.
      • Small animals will die so can be cataloged and set free - catch and release.
      • Fish must be kept on the lot, but need not be alive.
      • The plants need not be alive at the same time.
      • Any fish or plants you gather while lifting the Naturalist restriction will count.
    • Round down when counting for points

Copious Librarian:

Earn points for collecting and writing books
  • Unique Masterpiece: 1 Point per every unique Masterpiece (book category) written by a sim in the bloodline. (maximum 10 points)
  • Family Library: 1 Point per every unique book brought in through Careers and Spouses. (maximum 10 points)
    • A maximum of 20 points can be acquired from this bonus option.

Family Einstein

Earn points for being super skilled
  • Child Prodigy: 1 point for each sim that maxes 3 skills before turning Young Adult. (maximum of 15 points)
  • Life-long Prodigy: 1 point for each sim that maxes 6 skills before death (maximum 15 points)
    • A maximum of 30 points can be acquired from this bonus option.

Family Gallery
Earn point for your painting/sculpting endeavors
  • Portraits: 1 point for every family member's portrait painted and kept on the lot. (maximum 20 points)
  • Masterpieces: 1 point for every Large Painting/Sculpture Masterpiece created and kept on the lot (maximum 30 points)
    • A maximum of 50 points can be acquired from this bonus option.

I Want It, I Want It

Earn points for Lifetime Wants achieved
  • 1 point per unique Lifetime Want achieved (maximum 15 points)
    • Lifetime wants can be achieved by any member of the household.

Ghostly Ghosts

Earn points for Large Tombstones
  • 3 points per unique Large Tombstone on the family lot (maximum 15 points)
    • Each tombstone must be the largest type of tombstone (the real tall one - requires the sim to earn 150,000 lifetime reward points before he dies )
    • Each tombstone must be from a unique death. If you have two starving deaths only one counts.
    • Only tombstones on the family lot can be counted (if you move them to a private graveyard, it no longer counts), but (assuming you've lifted Paranormal) you can move them to anywhere on the lot.

Gnamely Gnomes

Earn points for Gnome Collections
  • 1 point per each unique Gnome on the lost (maximum 10 points)
    • The gnomes need not be alive or on your lot to count for points; if they die, the tombstone will likely be found somewhere on the edges of your lot. You are permitted to move the tombstone into family inventory, even if Paranormal is not cleared.

Money, Money, Money

Earn points for cash
  • 1 point per every 200,000 simoleans (maximum 10 points)
    • Round down when calculating your simoleans.
    • A maximum of 10 points means you stop counting at 2,000,000 or more in cash simoleans
    • You are allowed to sell off business properties and second homes prior to calculating your cash

Parenting 101
Earn points for being a good parent.
  • 1 point per fully trained toddler. (maximum 15 points)
    • Potty trained, learned to walk and talk.

Photographic Memory

Earn points for taking pictures.
  • 2 points for each photo collection completed. Pictures must be kept on the lot. (maximum 10 points)

Professional Student

Earn points for going to College

  • 2 points for every High Honor Degree achieved by a sim of the bloodline. (maximum 10 points)

Sculptors Anonymous

Earn points for crafting sculptures of your family as they age

  • 1 point for every three sculptures you do of a family member at a different life stage (maximum 10 points)
    • To count the three sculptures need to be of the same family member in a different life stage; for example as a child, adult and elder or teen, young adult and adult. The life stage doesn't matter as long as they are different. This group of three counts as 1 point.
    • Each group of sculptures must be of a different family member to count. You cannot do two sets of the same family member.

Simply Simbots

Earn points for creating simbots
  • 1 point for each simbot created (maximum 10 points)
    • You may keep your simbots if you like or kick them out as they will take up a sim slot. Note that you may not marry one nor may they lift a restriction should yuo decide to keep one or two.

Skill Meister

Earn points for completing skill challenges
  • 1 point for each unique skill challenge completed (maximum of 40 points)
    • Any member of the household can complete the skill challenge such as Chess Grandmaster for Logic, the various Handiness challenges, and so on.
    • If two sims complete the same skill challenge, it only counts as one.

Slackers Not Allowed

Earn points for having every sim of the household lift a restriction (maximum 10 points)
  • 10 points are earned if every eligible sim lifts a restriction. -2 points for every sim that dies or moves out before lifting a restriction.
    • If one sim doesn't lift their restriction you get 8 points, if all sims lift a restriction you get 10, if 6 sims don't get their lift you get 2 points deducted from your score with a minimum score in the category of 0.
    • Sims lifting an Optional Clear counts as having lifted a restriction.
    • You do not lose points for sims who are not allowed to lift restrictions (such as simbots or spouses with Bloodline Only handicap).

Time in a Bottle

Earn points for unused 'age off' days
  • 1 point per every day you didn't use (maximum 10 points)
    • All players may have as many as 10 days with aging turned off, taken at any point during the challenge as needed. If you take only 3 of these days, you get 7 points; if you never turn aging off, you get 10.