We all forget certain rules on occasion. Even veterans do. And it can be frustrating trying to decide what to do and how to help yourself remember to not forget about the rule.

Mob payments
  • It was Sunday evening the last you noticed the day. And it's now Tuesday day. And you haven't zeroed out your funds. Just zero them out on that Tuesday.
    • Lift: Criminal
    • Tips on how to help before Criminal is lifted: Not much can really help besides keeping a closer eye on what day of the week it is.

  • You didn't realize it was so late! Just send your Sim home immediately. Or send them inside if it's Zombie day
    • Lift: Military (Every day, on the lot); Paranormal (Zombie day, inside your home)
    • Tips on how to help before Military is lifted: Just better tracking of time here.
    • Tips for Zombie day: If you don't have Supernatural or you set your moon to any moon stage but Full Moon, having Zombie day be mob payment day, Monday, should help. Fewer unique days to remember. Setting your moon to cycle will also help as the game will let you know it's zombie day.

Uncontrollable Elders
  • You're so used to controlling elders you forget and give them a command or cancel out an action that wasn't against apocalypse rules. Yes, you are allowed to cancel out their go make an autumn salad actions before Culinary and Naturalist are lifted.
    • Lift: Forensics
    • Tips on how to help before Forensics is lifted: There may be mods out there that will let you make the elder unselectable. I can't vouch for what other effects such a mod would have, but it may be something to look into if you're not opposed to mods. Otherwise, just better control.

Calling Sims on days that are not Monday or Thursday
  • You're calling your contacts and then you realize it's not Monday or Thursday. Just stop the calls. I personally prohibit them from calling on the next available day, but that's not required. I just do that as it keeps me from not getting a bigger advantage from my accidental rule breaking.
    • Lift: Communications
    • Tips on how to help before Communications is lifted: Just better tracking of the days here.

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