The local organized crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. Joey "The Comb" and his goons force people to pay hefty sums to ensure nothing "bad" happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to fight the mob, most just give in and pay.


The Criminal career suffers from a "promotion after midnight" bug. Every time you are promoted on a shift that spans midnight, the next day of work you will receive no credit for working until midnight passes (it will say "Going to Work") although you will still be considered missing work if you do not go in. It may also cause you to have to go in on days that you do not work. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE CHEATS OR MODS TO AVOID THIS. In particular, you cannot use Master Controller to force your Sims to go to work or to reset Job Performance to where it was before. This is because mod-less players would be unfairly disadvantaged if this were allowed. Of course, nobody is policing your private games - do what you like there - but please respect this for tournament purposes.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of the Criminal restriction.

    • Prerequisites - NONE
    • "Nice place you have. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it."
      • Reach level 10 of the Criminal -Emperor of Evil career branch
      • NOTE: If you get arrested you do NOT have to quit your job. Getting arrested during the Criminal career tracks is part of the job. You may make friends while in jail, or work out. Treat it as if you are at work while there.
    • Prerequisites - Supernatural Expansion
    • "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run."
      • Reach Level 10 in the Scam Artist branch of the Fortune Teller Career
    • Prerequisites - University Life expansion, sims with Good trait cannot choose this method.
    • “Warriors, come out to pla-ay!”
      • Everyone has had enough of the local mob terrorizing the town and robbing people of all their money every week. Now it’s time to build your own gang of thugs and show them who’s the boss!
      1. Raise of a strong leader: You will first need to work on your muscles and charisma to impress your future gang members to follow your lead.
        • Master Athletic skill and complete Bodybuilder skill challenge.
        • Gain 5 skill points in Charisma.
      2. Forming a gang: Now when your sim earned some reputation, you can start recruiting people for your gang.
        • In order to gain a new gang member, you must first become best friends with a Young Adult or older non-family sim. Then you have to train the sim in Athletic (strength workout) for 2 hours.
          • You are allowed to train sims for this purpose even if Athletic has not been lifted.
          • If you do not have access to chin-up bar (Showtime EP), you are allowed to purchase the cheapest bench press even if Athletic and Architect haven’t been lifted. You may only use it for training gang members for this lift and it has to go to the family inventory as soon as you complete it. (You may sell it instead if you have lifted Business.)
          • You may only train the sim if he/she is your best friend at the moment.
        • If at any point a gang member’s relationship with your sim drops below Best Friends status, you have to raise it again if you want that sim to count as your gang member. If it turns from Best Friend to Old Friend, it is fine and you can still count that sim in.
        • No romantic relationships with your gang members until this restriction is lifted! It could threaten the integrity of your gang.
        • You will need at least 5 active gang members in the end to successfully finish this lift.
      3. Claiming your territory: As soon as you get your first member recruited it is time to pack up your street art kit and start marking the territory for your gang.
        • Successfully finish a street art piece (the type or size doesn’t matter) on 10 different community lots.
          • You may only do that between 7pm and 6am and you must have at least one gang member with you at all times.
          • You may do this step even if Architect has not been lifted.
          • If there are not enough community lots in your town where it is possible to do some kind of street art (due to lack of walls, deep snow etc.), you can do the rest on community lots you’ve already used.
          • If you get caught by the police while spray painting, you cannot leave your home lot for the rest of the night. They’re watching out for you!
      4. Building up reputation: Once you claim your first community lot, you can start enforcing your rule and beat up anyone who dares to oppose you!
        • Beat 10 different sims in a fight (your sim has to win).
          • You may only do this on community lots you have claimed for your gang in the previous step. You must do it between 7pm and 6am and have at least one gang member with you.
        • Make 20 enemies.
          • You can do this during the day and you don’t need your gang members with you for this task. Enemies your sim made in the past also count as long as they’re still marked as enemies in their contact list.
      • Your sim is allowed to gain money by dumpster diving and “fencing” the items he/she found.
        • You may only dumpster dive on lots in your Network until Military and Espionage are clear.
        • You may only dumpster dive 2 times per night, between 7pm and 6am, and the items must be sold immediately after that. You are allowed to sell anything you find regardless of other restrictions still in place.
      • Certain tasks require you to leave your lot at night. Your sim is allowed to do so even if Military has not been lifted, but only to perform the tasks needed. You are not allowed to do anything else while there.
      • You may not break curfew on Zombie days. You don’t want to end up being eaten by zombies! (This means it is not possible to do this method if you play with "I See Dead People" handicap until you lift Paranormal.)
      • You are allowed to invite over your gang members even after 7pm in order to take them with you to complete your tasks. You are also free to use “Go here with” or “Group Up with” interactions with them even if Entertainment has not been lifted.
      • For actions requiring a gang member presence (tagging lots and beating up sims), if all other gang members leave the lot before you finish your task, you must stop immediately and return home until you get someone else to go with you again.
      • You may not do this method with a Good sim as Good sims are unable to start fights, which prevents them from meeting one of the requirements. Be extremely careful while gaining reputation with social groups as you could possibly roll Good as a faction trait before Education is lifted, ruining your attempt. (Unless your sim is Evil, in which case he cannot roll Good so you're safe.) We would also not recommend attempting this lift with Loser trait as Losers always lose in a fight unless the other sim is also a Loser or your sim has a point in Martial Arts.

  • Sims struggle to make their mob payments and aren't willing to just give their money away.
    • Mooching money from other sims is restricted.
  • Sims are very uptight and worried because of the rampant crime in the town. They just can't get comfortable.
      • You may not buy or use chairs/couches that have more than a +1 Comfy Moodlet Boost.
      • You may not buy or use beds that have more than a +2 Well Rested Moodlet Boost. (See Paranormal for more restrictions on bed comfort.)
  • Sims must turn over all their remaining funds to the mob each week so they will leave them alone – otherwise known as protection money - protection from the mob money!
    • Each week, on Monday before midnight and after you have finished your building and buying for the week, open your family inventory and delete everything in it with the exception of any career rewards that you want to keep, and then use the familyfunds cheat to reduce your funds to 0.00. Open the cheat console by holding down Shift, Ctrl and C at the same time. Type in "TestingCheatseEnabled True" (without the quotes) and enter. Then type in "FamilyFunds simlastname 0" (without the quotes and where simlastname is the last name of your family) and press enter. Your funds should now be set to 0 simoleons. Alternately, you are allowed to use MasterController to fund away the money. And if you really don't want to use cheats, buy something from buy mode that is equal to your total funds and place it in your black hole to reduce your funds to 0.
    • Note that this begins the very first Monday - that is, the day after your founder returns from University (or the second day of the challenge, if you have the Higher Education Advantage). There is no one-week grace period, as was the case in previous incarnations of the rules.
    • You must pay protection while in vacation worlds. At the end of your vacation you must pay the mob as if you were living in your home world - yes the mob gets it all.
      • Exception: A Sim attempting to lift Business via the Multinational Conglomerate method need not pay protection money while overseas, and they are permitted to sell up to $2500 overseas objects at home once per week after paying the mob. The various international criminal organisations see more opportunities by restoring the business network than by disrupting it, and have agreed to a temporary truce.
  • PETS
    • Pay $100 simoleons per day per family sim present. Payable on the day you are to head home from your time at University. The government has cut a deal with mob so your protection money is subsidized and you don't have to fork it all over while on government property.
    • Sim may not own a Dream Pod bed (also restricted by Paranormal)
    • Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair
    • Sharper Sim's Super Sleeper
    • Solace Snugabunny Baby Swing (also restricted by Entertainment)
    • No Bills Ever (Also restricted by Business.)
    • Carefree

Once a member of the family rises to the top of the underworld, they become part of the 'family'. While they do not get a cut of the profits, they no longer have to pay any protection money - the Criminal restrictions are lifted.