With no cheap mass entertainment, sims lack inspiration for parties and run out of conversation topics with large groups. Children, in particular, are difficult to keep motivated.


  • Base Game: The Great Performer Career

    • Prerequisites - Business, Military, Journalism, Rock Star
    • "I'm so BORED. There's nothing to do!"
      • Your sim loves music and playing it front of other people. They know how to work the crowd and get them to respond. But the strictures of the music industry just did not suit them at all. Mostly it was because your sim couldn't stand the talent agents and spoiled divas they had to work with. They decided to make it big on their own, without all the rubbing shoulders with celebrities in the biz and listening to yes men.
        • Master Charisma, Guitar, and Writing skills.
        • Learn all the songs available from the book store.
        • Reach level 5 in the Business career.
        • Reach level 5 in the Music career.
          • You may quit your first job once you reach the required level to gain a job in the second career, even if Master Thief restrictions have not been cleared.
        • Earn $20,000 in tips from playing on community lots around town.
      • They call you the Music Machine and you have captured the imaginations of the masses. But you want more. You want your face on their television sets, bringing them music and mirth every Thursday evening at 7pm. You want to [[#|produce]] your own Music and Variety show! It takes some wheeling and dealing, and rubbing shoulders with those same record execs and talent agents and divas, but you bring your proposal before the head of the local television station and convince him that "The Sims Got Talent" will bring in more revenue than the station can shake a stick at. You have successfully lifted The Great Performer restrictions.
  • Late Night: Film-Actor Career

    • Prerequisites - Late Night Expansion
    • Reach Level 10 in the Actor Branch of the Film Career
  • Showtime: Professional Acrobat Career


    • Sims may not attend parties thrown by other sims.
      • Household sims may, naturally, attend any parties thrown by other household members if Movie Director has been cleared.
    • No item from the Party tab or Recreation tab may be purchased or used, including the buffet table and any of the juice bars.
      • The Birthday Inferno birthday cake is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
      • The Fuzzy Logic Picnic Basket is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
      • Fire Pits are allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
    • Sims with televisions are limited to the Work Out channel, Cookin' Cable, the Fishing channel, and Got Garden.
    • Sims may not "Read Something", unless it is a novel that has been published by someone in the family, a skill book, or a book received as part of a career opportunity. (Also restricted by Journalism.)
    • NOTE: Concerning Recipes and Musical Scores
      • These are considered special skill books for the sake of the challenge, meaning your adult sims MAY choose to read these if you are able to buy them and stick them in your book shelf. (Buying books is restricted by Business and Journalism.)
      • Recipes are further restricted by Culinary.
      • Musical Scores are further restricted by Rock Star.

    • Sims may not tour the theater.
    • Sims may not go to a movie at the theater.
    • Toddlers, Children and Teens are restricted to only using the following rules for skill building items and activities:
      • Teens are allowed to repair objects that are broken, but not allowed to give objects upgrades or to tinker in order to raise handiness.
      • If Culinary is cleared, Teens may use the oven, and Children may use the toy oven to cook, however, they may only make up to THREE meals a day, whether they make a group meal or a single serving of food. (Yes, this applies to Teens and the grill, too.)
      • Child and Teen sims may NOT read skill books.
      • If Science is cleared, Child and Teen sims MAY watch the cooking, gardening, or the fishing channels to build skill.
    • Refer to the following table to see what skills your Child or Teen sim may build, and what items they may use to build the skills:


Skill Building Activity or Object

Other Relevant Restrictions


Radio, TV, Baseball, Football, Kicky Bag, Soccer Ball, Flying Disc, Table Tennis, Bowling or Hopscotch Court

Science must be cleared to watch TV. Athletic must be cleared to use the Table Tennis set and Bowling Alley.


Mirrors, Talking to other sims

Teen sims are allowed to skill up their charisma on mirrors. Child sims may not work on Charisma.


Oven, Grill, Toy Oven, Watch TV

Culinary must be cleared to own an Oven or a Toy Oven. Science must be cleared to own a TV. Teens may also be ordered to make meals that do not require cooking (such as Peanut Butter and Jelly; see Culinary for details on what can be made prior to Culinary being lifted).


Go fishing, Watch TV

Naturalist must be cleared for Child or Teen sims to go fishing or learn the fishing skill. Science must be cleared to own a TV.


Gardening, Watch TV

Naturalist must be cleared for Teen sims to plant a garden, weed it, or harvest it. Teens MAY help water a garden being grown by a sim attempting Naturalist. Science is needed to own a TV.


Play the Guitar

Rockstar must be cleared for Child or Teen sims to play guitar.

Learn to Drive

Drive around town with an adult in the car.

Military, Education, Entertainment, and Forensics must be cleared for Teens to learn to drive. Science must be cleared to purchase a vehicle if the family doesn't already own one.


Toddler Skill Book, Chess, or Domino Table


Toddler Skill Book, Painting Easel, Sketch Pad


Pedestrian Sculpting Station

Note that this item is over $1000 and as such is restricted by Architect.


Toddler Skill Book, Computer

Street Art

Street Art Bag

Social Networking

Blogging, Texting with the smart phone

Restricted by Gamer and Science.

    • Sims may not learn any songs on foreign adventures. (Also restricted by Rock Star.)
    • Sims may not play instruments at parties or at clubs.
    • Sims may not "form group" with other sims.
      • Note that if this happens just by inviting a sim over to your house, you do not need to disband the group. But you may not explicitly form such groups.
    • Sims ARE allowed to play with the Imaginary Friend dolls
    • Adults may not teach teen sims to drive. (Also restricted by Education, Military and Forensics)
    • Sims may not play on playground equipment (swing set, slide, teeter totter, playground horse, etc.)
    • Sims may not buy any playground equipment at all for their home.
    • Sims may not play in, or own tree houses (also restricted by Naturalist).
    • Children may not play in the sand, or own, or play in sandboxes. (Also restricted by Naturalist)
    • Children may not use the dress up trunk (also restricted by Sports Agent).
    • Sims may not use the slip n slide (also restricted by Naturalist and Medical).
    • Children and Teens may not choose to pull pranks.
    • Children may not play pretend.
    • Children may not "go for a joy ride" on the sofa.
    • Children may not play submarine in the tub (also restricted by Medical).
    • Children may not climb on chairs to be king or queen.
  • PETS
    • ALL Showtime specific portal interactions are restricted by Entertainment, Movie Director AND Rockstar or their Showtime alternatives.
    • No sim in the family may play at any live venues or start a band until all three careers are mastered.
      • Exception: If you choose to clear this restriction by the alternate Showtime careers method, you may build venues upon reaching the top of any ONE of the following careers - Acrobat, Singer, or Magician - and play in them. The LARGEST venue is restricted until all 3 careers are topped.
      • No sims may be sent to another player's game to perform at their venues.
      • Likewise, no sims may be accepted into your game to play at YOUR venues.
    • Domino Tables are allowed.
    • Toddler and Child sims ARE allowed to ride the rocking horse
    • Sims may not listen to Podcasts on their cell phones, MultiTab, or on the computer. (Also restricted by Science.)
    • Playing Juice-Pong is NOT allowed.

    • Activities children and teens may do to increase social group influence:





Building Athletic skill, talking to other jocks, using the soccer ball.


Play Video Games, talking to other nerds, mind melding, trivia challenges, boasting about gaming prowess, talking about comic books to anyone.

Video games are restricted by Science and Gamer.


Play kicky bag, use the street art bag, talk to other rebels

Your Sim takes a bow at the Simcademy Awards Festival. They have worked long and hard to produce a body of collaborative work to entertain the masses. Now they are a household name, and the movies and shows they have starred in are being played on television almost nightly. Sims everywhere are able to relax and enjoy themselves together in front of the television after work at last! All Entertainment restrictions are lifted.