All the major school systems are in ruins. Education has all but disappeared from the region. All that remains is a small gathering of teachers in a safe house to teach younger Sims the basics. In the apocalyptic world, nothing is fun so children are not motivated to learn skills unless it is fun. Until one dedicated teacher arises from the family to influence young minds to think beyond the carnage and despair, and to imagine a better world.


    • Prerequisites - NONE
    • "We don't need no education..." Pink Floyd, Another Brick in The Wall (Part 2)
      • You may not select this method unless:
        • You have Military unlocked and rolled Education.
          • Note that the founder may do this, as normal, even though Military has not been unlocked. Similarly, note that only Sims that are at least Young Adults may seek employment via the random method.
        • You have Journalism and Military lifted and can just choose what you want to lift.
        • You have Ambitions installed, and the Education career is offered via the paper or computer.
      • One sim in the family decides that the world needs more enlightenment, knowledge and purpose, so they set out to show the entire neighborhood it can be done. They not only become an accomplished writer, they hone their body and mind to their will.
        • Master writing and sell 3 best sellers in Non Fiction.
        • Reach Painting 1 (have to illustrate those textbooks).
        • Reach Handiness 2 (teachers have to be practical as well as academic).
        • Master Athletics and complete the marathon, strength, and cardio skill challenges. (500 k running, 75 hours cardio and 60 hours strength training).
        • Reach level 3 in the Bookstore career.
          • Regardless of existing restrictions on getting part time jobs, you may walk to the Bookstore to get this job.
    • (Note: Access the in game Skill Journal for information on achieving in game challenges under Athletics skills.)
    • Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion
    • "Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." Omar Bradley
      • Reach level 10 in the Education rabbit hole career.


    • Sim teenagers may not attend school at all.
      • Note: once you lift this requirement, your teens may go to school. You can still have them skip it if you wish.
    • Sim children must attend school as normal. They haven't given us a homeschooling option yet, unfortunately.
      • If your Sim Child leaves school early for any reason, you must send them straight back. You may not intentionally leave school early.
      • If your Sim Child is late for any reason (not including traffic jam entering school) you must take a blooper and send them to school.
    • Child sims may not do homework at home.
  • Child Sims must use the "Work Hard" work tone until they are forced to use "Normal." No other work tone is allowed at school before Education is lifted.
  • Sims may NOT teach other Sims skills or tutor children. EXCEPT for older sims teaching toddlers to walk, talk and use the potty.
    • Training other Sims in Athletics is not considered teaching a skill for the purposes of this restriction, although it is restricted by Athletic.
  • Child and Teen sims may NOT read skill books.
  • Sims may not read the toddler skill books to toddlers.
    • Toddlers MAY read these skill books themselves if they are left on the floor for the tyke to pick up.
  • Traits must be chosen using the random selection button at each age transition where it is offered.
  • Child sims must pass up all opportunities related to school. (No interviewing the grocer, making friends with another child, or cleaning the bug cages.) (Also restricted by Military and Espionage.)
  • Sims may not take any skill classes at rabbit holes in town. (May also be restricted by Military if the rabbit hole is not in their Network)
  • Toddlers, Children and Teens are restricted to only using the following rules for skill building items and activities:
    • Teens are allowed to repair objects that are broken, but not allowed to give objects upgrades or to tinker in order to raise handiness.
    • Teens MAY make any uncooked meal subject to Culinary restrictions.
    • Teens MAY use the grill to prepare food for the family.
      • If Culinary is cleared, Teens may use the oven, and Children may use the toy oven (also restricted by Entertainment) to cook. With Culinary cleared, and Education not cleared, no Teen or Child may make more than 3 meals per day (whether single serving or group meals, cooked or uncooked).
    • If Science is cleared, Child and Teen sims MAY watch the cooking, gardening, or the fishing channels to build skill.
  • Refer to the following table to see what skills your Child or Teen sim may build, and what items they may use to build the skills:


Skill Building Activity or Object

Other Relevant Restrictions


Radio, TV, Baseball, Football, Kicky Bag, Soccer Ball, Flying Disc, Table Tennis, Bowling or Hopscotch Court

Science must be cleared to watch TV. Athletic must be cleared to use the Table Tennis set and Bowling Alley.

Mirrors, Talking to other sims

Teen sims are allowed to skill up their charisma on mirrors. Child sims may not work on Charisma.

Oven, Grill, Toy Oven, Watch TV

Culinary must be cleared to own an Oven or a Toy Oven. Science must be cleared to own a TV.
Teens may make meals that do not require cooking such as Peanut Butter and Jelly or they may use the grill; see Culinary for details on what can be made prior to Culinary being lifted.

Go fishing, Watch TV

Naturalist must be cleared for Child or Teen sims to go fishing or learn the fishing skill. Science must be cleared to own a TV.

Gardening, Watch TV

Naturalist must be cleared for Teen sims to plant a garden, weed it, or harvest it. Teens MAY help water a garden being grown by a sim attempting Naturalist. Science is needed to own a TV.

Play the Guitar

Entertainment and Symphonic must be cleared for Child or Teen sims to play guitar.
Learn to Drive

Drive around town with an adult in the car.

Military, Education, Entertainment, and Espionage must be cleared for Teens to learn to drive. Science must be cleared to purchase a vehicle if the family doesn't already own one.

Toddler Skill Book, Chess, or Domino Table


Toddler Skill Book, Painting Easel, Sketch Pad


Pedestrian Sculpting Station

Note that this item is over $1000 and as such is restricted by Architect.

Scraptronic Workbench

Restricted by Science. Note that this item is over $1000 and as such is restricted by Architect.

Toddler Skill Book, Computer

Street Art

Street Art Bag

Social Networking

Blogging, Texting with the smart phone

Restricted by Communications and Science.

The Sim who becomes an Education Minister rebuilds the region’s educational system, and even restores the old college back to its former glory. The Education restrictions are lifted.