An "Ending Requirement" is a final task you have to complete before your challenge is officially over and awards no points. You must only complete one from the list. Choose wisely! Of course, you can 'work' on more than one...

"All You Bases Belong To Us" The household must own 10 residential lots worth at least $15,000 each with one worth at least $30,000 in the neighborhood.
  • Overseas, University, or Future lots are acceptable substitutes.

"Armageddon!" You must have every possible space rock in both a small and large size on your lot. If you manage to find a giant one, you don't have to have both a small and large of that variety.
  • Space Rock Listing:
    • Unusual Bellacite
    • Unusual Custerous Gossticite
    • Unusual Dukedite
    • Unusual Holmberic
    • Unusual Llamatite
    • Unusual Mazzadrayte
    • Unusual Pearsonite
    • Unusual Rodiekceous
    • Unusual Sporecite
    • Acapulcoite
    • Angrite
    • Ataxite
    • Aubrite
    • Branchinite
    • Carbonaceous Chondrite
    • Chassignite
    • Diogenite
    • Enstratite Chondrite
    • Eucrite
    • Hexahedrite
    • Howardite
    • Kamasite
    • Londranite
    • Lunar
    • Mesosiderite
    • Nakalite
    • Octahedrite
    • Ordinary Chondrite
    • Pallasite
    • Pearsonite
    • Rodiekceous
    • Rumuriti
    • Shergottite
    • Ureilite
    • Winonaite

"Look at all the Shinnies!" You must have every possible "Base Game" gem in every possible cut on your lot. Below is the gem list and cuts required.
  • Required Gems:
    • Blue Topaz
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Emerald
    • Ruby
    • Yellow Sapphire
    • Tanzanite
    • Diamond
    • Luminous Gem
    • Rainbow Gem
  • Required Cuts
    • Emerald
    • Oval
    • Pear
    • Plumbob
    • Marquis
    • Crystal Ball
    • Brilliant
    • Star Cut
    • Heart-Shaped

"Master Breeder" Your sim must start the challenge with a Cat or Dog and successfully breed it throughout the challenge having at least one pet left on the lot of the original bloodline.
  • You will need to place the Pet House on your lot in order to breed. It must be within the 8X8 area and is allowed to be placed on the ground. See the Pets page for breeding rules.

"Never Go Against The Family" During the course of the challenge, 20 non playable Sims not of the bloodline must die on your home lot.

"The Artisans" The household must be decorated with a masterpiece portrait of the founder and all heirs.

"The Dynasty" Every member of the household must be a level 5 celebrity with the exception of the founder. They must be level 3.

"The Jet-setters" The household must have acquired a total of 9 level 3 Visas in the course of the challenge. (Any one Sim can only get a maximum of 3).

"The Landlord" You must own 5 level 3 lots with one of the level 3 lots being the Big Park you started with at the beginning of the challenge.
  • The Big Park must be one you created per the starting requirements.

"The Singularity" The household must create and release 15 Sim Bots.

"The Writer's Guild" The household Sims must have written, collectively, a best seller in every book category in the list below.
  • Book Category List:
    • Children's
    • Drama
    • Fantasy
    • Fiction
    • Historical
    • Humor
    • Mystery
    • Non-Fiction
    • Romance
    • Satire
    • Science Fiction
    • Trashy
    • Vaudeville
    • Life's Story
    • Masterpiece

"This Time, Nobody Dies" The founder and all heirs must be alive to end challenge. "Look what we've done!"
  • This will likely require Oh My Ghost and Ambrosia.
  • All sims do not have to be on your lot...just alive...

"Thus Spake Zarathrustra" Your bloodline must contain two “Superman” sims - one male and one female sim - that have mastered 8 or more skills These two sims must be alive at the end of the Challenge.
  • You can revive them if necessary.
  • They don't have to live on your lot.