Expansion Pack Specific Rules

Specific information concerning the different expansion packs.

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All international travel will require the clearing of the following careers

The only sims that may travel are sims that have lifted a restriction. There just isn't time for vacationing with so much that has to be done. Your reward for lifting a restriction is a nice long vacation, but not before.

All restrictions still in effect apply to sims on international adventures according to what has already been cleared.
The calamity at home has spread around the globe and created chaos in distant foreign locals as well.This means that if you can travel to China, France or Egypt, you may have to be very canny about how you get around not sleeping on the ground if Naturalist is not lifted yet, or how you manage to keep fed, since you cannot buy food from stores and you may not store food in your inventory – not even adventure rations – unless those specific restrictions have been lifted. You CAN eat them as soon as you find them, however. You MAY also use shower in a can without any restrictions since it isn't dependent on city water supply, but you may not have more than 3 items in your inventory at any one time if you haven't cleared Athletic …. you get the picture.

If you are lifting Business using the World Adventures method, the above travel restrictions are suspended for the Sim attempting the lift. See Business for more details. You may also lift Alien Technology with the World Adventures method, but you must obey all normal restrictions in this case. (Of course, you may combine your Business attempt and Alien Technology attempt to take advantage of the travel restrictions being suspended. That's not an exploit, that's just clever).

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Ambitions brought with it professions and self employment opportunities that opened up game play in a new and exciting way. We can follow our sims to work and interact with them while they are on the job. The Professions are like careers as they have several metrics required to advance your sim, while self-employment measures only money earned for advancement. The five professions offer alternate clear strategies.
  • New Rabbit Hole Careers
    • Education
    • Updated Medical to allow sims to interact with other sims in the community and be Doctors
  • New Professional Careers
  • New Self-Employment careers
    • Angler
    • Gardener
    • Inventor
    • Painter
    • Photographer
      • Requires WA or UL
    • Sculptor
    • Writer

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Late Night lets us experience clubbing and parties in a new way. We can visit everything from dive bars to exclusive lounges. We can also form a band with the different instruments now available and play in any of these venues as a self-employment career. Along with the late night scene, we can also build out celebrity reputation, bringing with it the good - opportunities for friendships, romance and other rewards, and the bad - paparazzi who will just not leave you alone. A professional Juice Bar has been added to the Party tab of the buy menu, and helps your sim build skill as a Mixologist. You can also be self employed as a mixologist, if you like. The Film Studio rabbit hole was added with this expansion, offering two branches with in the Film Career.
  • New Rabbit Hole Careers

  • New Self-Employment Careers
    • Sim Band
  • Vampires have been added to the game as a playable life state. Please see the specific rules for playing them.
  • Paparazzi are an annoyance added to the game with this expansion. Rules governing socializing with them can be found in Espionage.

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A new, short career is added with Generations - Day Care, along with many new objects, actions, and life events. This expansion can make the Apocalypse Challenge harder because of the non-cancellable actions that the game forces. (ie. graduation, scolding teens who miss school, etc.)
  • Day Care will be an Optional clear to give access to the new life time reward - Motive Mobile. This van maxes out your sims moods just by taking a spin around the block. See the Optional Lifts section for more info.
  • Amended rules affecting things like forced days off for graduation, marriage, etc:
    • The Master Thief restriction to quit your job due to pregnancy remains the same.
    • Other life events that force days off will require you to have a friends or higher relationship with your boss to keep your job.
      • Spouses just being married into the family will be exempt from having to know their boss or lose their job because of the forced days off due to the wedding. Since they were NOT controllable until you moved them in, you couldn't ensure they kept their nose brown ...
      • If you do not have a boss, then you must have a friends or better relationship with a co-worker.
      • If you have neither boss NOR co-workers, you must have at least 3 friends or better relationships with sims OUTSIDE the household.
  • Sleeping bags may not be laid out on the ground. They must be placed on a foundation or in a basement.
  • The cheapest set of bunk beds/loft beds may be used, and are a great space saver.
  • Age Freeze Lifetime Reward will not be allowed for the tournament.
  • Young Again Lifetime Reward will be allowed and is restricted by Paranormal and Medical.
  • You may use testingcheatsenabled true (or Master Controller, or similar mods) to burninate imaginary friends with extreme prejudice. You are not required to do so (but we will judge you if you do not).
  • If you choose not to remove imaginary friends from your game, they MAY be turned real once they reach Young Adult life stage.
    • They MAY be chosen as spouses but sims may NOT use romantic interactions on them before they have been turned real
  • You may purchase the Clone Voucher lifetime reward and the cloned child can lift a restriction, but can never become heir. It is restricted by Alien Technology.

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Pets brings some great new options, actions and fun to the game.

Rules For Owning Cats and Dogs
  • You may start the challenge with either a cat or a dog added in CAS to your household - just one pet.
  • You may purchase the cheapest food bowl and fill it once per day (restricted by Culinary)
  • You may not make Gourmet Pet Food (restricted by Culinary)
  • You are allowed to train your animal to hunt
  • You may not give your pet a bath, even for fleas, until Medical has been cleared.
  • Your pet is allowed one toy and one toy only from the pet toy crate until Business is cleared regardless of the number of pets in your household.
    • Buy the pet toy crate, take a single toy out of it for the kind of pet you have and then sell the crate back in buy mode.
  • You may not buy the cat Litter Box until Medical has been cleared.
  • You may not purchase or use the Kitty Tower (big, multilevel scratch post/sleeping platform) until Architect has been cleared. You can buy the small scratching post.

Breeding Cats and Dogs
  • If you want to breed your pet you may purchase the Low Country Living Pet House. It must be placed on the ground within your 8X8 area or inside one of your two levels (restricted by Politics and Symphonic). Once placed it cannot be moved until Athletics is clear.
  • You can breed your Pets the following ways:
    • Adopt a stray to breed with.
    • Breed with a neighbors Pet
    • Once your pet has Level 10 in hunting, call the Shelter and adopt (you can do this even if Business is not clear)
    • Dogs can be told to “Hunt for a Mate” but must be on a community lot
    • Adopt a Pet from a neighbor (restricted by Politics. Also restricted by Military and Espionage unless the neighbor is in your Network)
  • Adding a Pet if you did not start the challenge with one or your original Pet failed to produce an heir
    • Adopt a stray
    • Call the Shelter and adopt (Restricted by Business)
    • Adopt a Pet from a neighbor (restricted by Military and Espionage unless they are in your Network)

Rules for moving Pets out of your home
  • Use your phone to "Place Pet for Adoption." The pet you want to place for adoption must be 'adoptable' and have a sponsor. Why would anyone take them otherwise? Calls may only be placed on Monday or Thursdays until Communications is clear.
    • Your pet's sponsor is your Best Friend. In order to place a pet for adoption you need to have a unique Best Friend for each pet. (If you have two pets to place for adoption, you must have two Best Friends) Once Espionage is clear, your Pet no longer needs to have a sponsor. People are much more trustworthy.
    • Until Business is clear your pet must be a Level 10 Hunter or each pet must have at least 3 of the traits below:
      • Aggressive
      • Genius
      • Hunter
      • Loyal
      • Neat
      • Non-destructive
      • Quiet
  • When another family member moves out they can take one pet with them (restricted by Military).
  • Your pet dies of old age.

Rules For Owning Horses
  • Acquiring a Horse
    • Adopt a wild Horse (restricted by Politics - except for the sim attempting to lift Naturalist by the EXPERIMENTAL FAUNA method)
    • Purchase a horse from the Equestrian Center (restricted by Politics and Business)
    • Adopt a horse from a neighbor (restricted by Politics. Also restricted by Military and Espionage unless the neighbor is in your Network)
  • Riding a horse is restricted by Athletics.

Miscellaneous Rules
  • Elder restrictions apply to pets as they age (restricted by Forensics)
  • Pet Life Span - for dogs, cats AND horses
    • 2 days for baby stage
    • 25 days for adult
    • 7 for elder
  • You may not buy the bird cage or bird branch table or the various cages for small animals - nor may you stock them with any kind of bird or small pet until Naturalist is cleared.
  • The Unicorn may not be befriended or moved in to your family at all, ever.
    • You may not ask the Unicorn to bless you.
    • You may not have the Unicorn mate with any horses you own.

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    • While working as a performer, your sim must follow these restrictions:
      • You may not perform for tips off your home lot. - Restricted by Business and Espionage
      • You may only perform gigs if you get an Opportunity to do so. You may not ask a Proprietor to get a gig without the Opportunity. - Restricted by Espionage and Entertainment
      • You may only perform at outdoor venues. - Restricted by Entertainment
      • You may only leave your Network to perform work-related opportunities. You may not do anything else while there. - Restricted by Military
      • You may travel to performance venues to perform gigs, but you must leave immediately afterwards. Unless the venue is in your network, you may not travel there to apply for a gig, and must wait until it is offered. You may do this even if the scheduled performance is outside of the curfew. - Restricted by Military
      • You must always follow the curfew when doing your job. The only exception are scheduled gigs. - Restricted by Military
      • Sing-a-Grams may only be performed on household members and relatives unless it is a work order. - Restricted by Business and Espionage
      • Magician tricks may only be performed on household members or relatives except for performances. - Restricted by Business and Espionage
      • Gifts received from Sing-a-Grams must be placed into your family inventory and left there. - Restricted by Espionage and Entertainment
      • You may not compete at Sim Fests. - Restricted by Entertainment
      • If you completely miss a scheduled gig, you have to quit your job. - Restricted by Master Thief

  • ALL Showtime specific portal interactions are restricted by Entertainment, Paranormal AND Athletic; or their Showtime alternatives.
  • The chin up bar is unrestricted except that you may only have one until Business is clear.
    • The bar is larger than 1 square, so it can't be moved till Athletic is cleared
  • The Golf putter is restricted by Athletic
  • The Dusty Old Lamp is restricted by Paranormal
    • In Pinstar's original TS2AC rules, you couldn't add Divas to your household as they were quite wealthy, and doing so was unbalanced. There are no equivalent Sims to Divas in TS3 - it is now a personality trait that does not have any effect on wealth. Sims with the Diva trait may be moved in as normal.

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This expansion brings us many fun, new ways to play the expansion - from choosing a founders occult status, to learning to make elixirs and read fortunes. There are several exciting additions for the player.
  • IF you decide to make an OCCULT type sim, please reference the rules for Playing Supernatural Sims and Occult Set Up for everything you need to know.
  • Fairy houses of any type are banned for the entire challenge; you may not purchase or use any such house.

There is a new Rabbit Hole Career option - Fortune Teller which has two branches, Scam Artist and Mystic.
  • Fortune Teller - Mystic will provide the main clearing option for the Paranormal category.
  • Fortune Teller - Scam Artist is the other branch of the new Rabbithole career and it is an alternate clear method for Criminal.

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  • At the beginning of your challenge, set your weather to 28 days of winter and disable spring, summer and fall
    • Once you have Symphonic cleared, you may set your seasons to no less than 14 days of winter and no more than 14 days of spring per cycle.
    • Once Naturalist is cleared, you may set your seasons how ever you wish
  • Sims may not use any igloos built on the ground, until Naturalist has been cleared.
  • You may not make snow angels or snowmen until Naturalist is clear.


  • Going to Festivals is restricted by Military and Forensics.
    • Events at festivals will be restricted according to what they are - eating contests are restricted by Culinary, buying anything from booths, including getting your face painted, is restricted by Business, physical contests (water balloon fights, snowboarding competitions etc) are restricted by Athletic, and so on. If governing restrictions for an activity or interaction are not lifted, you may not do it.
  • You may NOT use the festival grounds as your Big Park. If your Neighborhood has no appropriate park that can be changed (See Set Up rules) you may choose any empty lot and create one yourself.
  • You are allowed to observe the holidays if your sim receives a day off for any of the seasonal festivals and you haven't cleared Master Thief yet, you do NOT have to quit your job because NO ONE in town is working that day.
    • You may not give gifts until Espionage is cleared.
    • You may not decorate for the holidays until Architect is cleared.


  • There are new plants. Pumpkins are now available for Naturalists to grow in their garden
  • Gardening must be done in a "green house" you build in accordance with existing building restrictions until Naturalist is cleared - ie you MUST use a pot for your plants or create a "green house" enclosed area for your garden.
    • There are currently enough plants that will grow in pots to fulfill all the perfect plants for Naturalist that you will not have to grow any trees.
    • Pending testing, you may be able to do a ground level garden enclosed by walls and a lattice "roof" during the spring, and then you enclose it in a flat roof "tarp" for the winter, and thus be able to grow trees. You will not be able to plant new trees on the ground until spring and the "tarp" comes off.


  • Alien sims may be befriended, romanced and married in to the family
    • Aliens may NOT summon meteors until Alien Technology has been cleared
    • A quest involving aliens, their space ship and their various abilities has been incorporated into a quest to lift Alien Technology.


  • Roller Skating Rinks, Ice Skating Rinks, Soccer Nets and Snow Board tubes are restricted by Athletics, Politics and Business.
    • All of the above must be cleared in order to OWN these things. Only Athletics is required to use them on community lots.
    • Owning your own snowboard that you can display on the wall will not be restricted
  • Use of Diving Boards and Water Balloon Arenas is restricted by Athletics, Medical, Politics and Naturalist.
    • All of the above must be cleared in order to OWN these things. Only Athletics and Medical and Naturalist are required to use them on community lots.

Occult Sims

  • Vampires MAY purchase and use the umbrella to avoid overexposure to the sun.
    • Yes I know this makes playing vampires that do NOT have seasons more difficult.
    • No I'm not going for equivalency based on what expansions you may or may not have.
  • Occult sims may not play with the weather Tiki stone until Military and Naturalist has been cleared

New Interactions

  • Ocean Swimming is restricted by Athletics, Military, Medical and Naturalist
  • Sims may not splash in puddles or play in the rain until Medical is cleared
  • Building Igloos and having snowball fights is restricted by Athletics.
    • Sims CAN play in the snow and ice skate (once Athletics is cleared), however, since it's not making them all wet.
  • If your sim is ill, has allergies or a sunburn, they may not take time off work unless Master Thief is cleared.
  • The daylight changes according to the season but will not affect hours a sim can be out.
  • You may not place the seasonal lot marker on your home lot until Architect is cleared (automatic decorating)
  • On full moons, sims MUST be inside by 8pm and they may not leave the house again till 6am. This is to avoid the zombie spawn.
    • If a sim needs to go to work, or is coming home from work or they are staying an hour after work for a work related opportunity, they are exempt from this rule, but they must come directly home as soon as work or the opportunity is finished.
  • You may write one love letter a day to any one sim you know before Journalism is cleared. After clearing Journalism, you may write as many love letters as you wish.

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University Life

  • Roommates are only allowed while your Sim is in University and living in a dorm. You may not have roommates in the main neighborhood or if you are not living in the dorms at University.
    • If the game adds them automatically when you do not fit the above requirements, turn off roommates using the phone or computer and dismiss the roommate.
  • You can send your founder to college (Higher Education advantage).
    • A single term is 1 week long. You can take between 6 and 18 credits per term. If you go to college for two weeks, you are taking two terms (12-36 credits at a time). Founders are limited to 4 terms total at university (each term is one week long), unless they graduate early (you cannot return for another term once you graduate).
  • After your founder, any subsequent sims who go to University will be under FULL apocalypse restrictions for any categories that have yet to be cleared in your game.
  • The founder and all subsequent sims MUST live in one of the 3 dorms on campus.
  • You are allowed to edit the University neighborhood before you create your founder.
    • The dorm may have up to 5 levels even before Architect is lifted.
    • Modify a dorm so that it has the following study aids and skill building objects available for all residents. You are allowed to bring any of these home as part of your 3 items.
      • Brain Enhancement Machine
      • Anatomy Skeleton
      • Mobile Radio Station
      • Business Planner
      • Easel
      • Guitar, Drums, Base and Piano
      • One Chin Up bar and one radio to work out to
      • 2 desk top computers (no more than that)
      • Two book cases in a public area
        • The Classically Tasteful Literature Shelving - toddler books
        • The Book Corral - skill books
      • A Science station
      • 2 vehicles of any type
      • NOTE: Apart from the above, your dorm should conform the restrictions of the challenge (for example, no beds with higher than Well Rested 1/Energy 4, because of Paranormal). If you are using the How much time do I have? advantage, you may place whatever items you wish.
    • You may modify the Student Union so it has a Brain Enhancing Machine too, if you wish
      • This will require the following cheats to unlock the lot for editing
        • testingcheatsenabled true
        • enablelotlocking true
      • Once the lot is unlocked, click on it in Edit Neighborhood mode and click the lock icon in the information panel to open up build/buy for that lot.
    • The Large Group Science Project lot must not be modified (ie, you can't set up tomb triggers to lock the doors and you can't reset the lot type to no visitors).
    • If you are playing with Seasons, set the seasons all to Winter.

    • Create your founder as you normally would and put them onto your apocalypse lot. (Remember to decrease your total cash to $8308 after landing on your lot.)
    • Choose your starting lift. If you have chosen the handicap I'm sorry, you're overqualified, roll for your job as per the rules in Advantages and Handicaps.
    • Choose a Major based on your chosen career.
      1. Business (Criminal, Business and Education)
      2. Communications (Fortune Teller, Journalism and Politics)
      3. Fine Arts (Culinary, Music and Film)
      4. Physical Education (Professional Sports)
      5. Science and Medicine (Science and Medical)
      6. Technology (Military and Law Enforcement)
    • Wait for the mascot to show up on your lot and then take the aptitude test.
    • Use your smart phone to go to University. (You are allowed to do this even if you took What Are Cellphones? handicap.)
    • At the end of each term, when you return to the home neighborhood after Final Exams and before you receive your degree, you may re-take the Aptitude test to get a discount on your next term in school.
    • You may not bring anything with you until you graduate.
    • By default, when you attend university, the Apocalypse rules apply, except where modified as follows:
    • Attending University
      • Enroll your sim for either 1 or 2 terms at a time for as many credit hours each term as you wish
      • You may only go to University for a maximum of 4 terms (less if you graduate early).
    • While at school:
      • Choose one of the three On Campus dorms.
      • You may not choose the Sorority or the Fraternity, nor may you take any of the rental houses.
      • You ARE allowed to use the Science Research Station and the Group Science Project at University.
      • You may use the Cerebral Enhancer to improve 1 skill per day, to a maximum of 3 skills total by 5 points each.
      • You may take as many skill boosting classes as you want, assuming you can pay for them.
      • There is no curfew on campus, except on full moon days. On days of the full moon, you must be inside your dorm by 20:00 - (8:00)
      • You may freely go to any place on campus but may NOT go off campus. See picture below for the campus boundaries - Inside the green area is the campus - outside the green area is prohibited except for going to classes that are held there. The green area is considered your Network while at Uni. Uni Can Go.jpg
      • If you wish to visit another dorm, you must be Friends or higher with at least one of the residents.
      • You may dumpster dive in any dumpster on campus.If you are trying to lift Alien Technology, this can be a useful way to find bugs, metals, and gems.
      • If you find any furniture that is allowed by the Apocalypse restrictions, you may use it and even bring it home as one of your 3 items if you wish.
      • Any gifts you receive in the mail must be left at the dorm before you leave university; if they are allowed by the starting rules, you may bring them home as one of the 3 items.
      • Sims at University pay a protection fee of 100 Simoleans per day per controllable Sim in the campus household to the mob (see Criminal), payable on the day you return home each term before your leave University (capped at $600 per sim.)
      • You MAY lock your Sims dorm room to keep dorm mates out, and you MAY set permissions to allow selected Sims into your room.
      • You MAY read and study from your textbook.
      • You may not WooHoo while at University. (Fraternisation is strictly controlled).
      • You may not prepare food at all. You may only eat what your room mates prepare. Note that if they prepare salad, you MAY each it (the Military are permitting the students to use some of their fresh greens).
      • You may not purchase or obtain food from vending machines, nor may you take them from the Meet and Greet table at the start of your term (as Culinary rules are in effect, so you may not have food in your inventory).
      • You may not purchase or obtain food or drink from the Barista bars.
      • You may not sleep in class.
      • You may not skip class, lectures, or labs.
        • If you completely miss a class, you will be expelled immediately and not permitted to return.
        • If you wish to keep the Graduation Gnome in your family inventory for scoring purposes, you are allowed.
      • When you return back to the neighborhood upon the completion of your 1 or 2 week terms:
        • Immediately re-enroll in University, if you choose to complete your degree.
        • You may NOT start building your house until you either graduate or drop out of the University and you may not bring anything with you until you graduate or drop out.
      • You have finished going to University when the following conditions have been met:
        • You graduate.
          • If you graduate in less than 4 terms, you cannot return to University. We suggest do not overload your credits; 4 terms of a light load is more skilling time - just saying.
        • You complete a 4th term. Even if you have not yet graduated, that is the maximum.
        • You no longer wish to return. Obviously you are not compelled to graduate or have the full 4 terms, if you do not wish to.
    • If you are playing with the advantage How much time do I have?, then all Apocalypse restrictions (including those listed above) are suspended until your University time is complete, with the following exceptions:
      • You may not build until you graduate or drop out
      • You may not purchase any Lifetime Reward objects that are restricted by any of the Optional Clears.
        • You may, however, freely purchase any other Lifetime Rewards.
      • You must still live in a dorm, rather than a fraternity or rented house.
        • You are not allowed to sell any dorm furniture or build parts you didn't buy yourself.
      • You are still limited to a maximum of 4 terms (or less if you graduate early)

    • For Founders: Immediately upon receiving the 1 hour notification for returning back to your home neighborhood during your last day on campus (you have received your diploma or you will not be returning to do so)
      • Pay the protection money to the mob
      • Reduce your family funds to either $8308 or 10% of your total balance
      • Return to your home lot, build your shelter and buy any skill or toddler books you wish.
        • This is the first day of your challenge. Be sure to note the day and week you begin this day.
      • Finally walk to the required rabbithole to apply for the job you picked (or rolled for) at the beginning, and proceed with the challenge as normal.
        • Founders are NOT allowed to upload their resume. But don't worry - you will still get the job boost in any career tied to your degree.
    • For Future Generations: Immediately upon receiving the 1 hour notification for returning back to your home neighborhood during your last day on campus (you have received your diploma or you will not be returning to do so)
      • Pay the protection money to the mob if Criminal is not clear
      • Walk to the rabbithole to get your job or upload your resume if Science and Communications are clear.
    • What you may bring home and when: (for founders - future generations also have to abide by any restrictions still in effect)
      • You may bring home 3 items from University (ANY two items and your Diploma)
      • One of your three items MUST be your University Diploma if you have graduated.
      • Books: One book counts as one item.
        • You may bring home any skill books from the two book shelves in the dorm.
        • You may bring home any other books you find in unusual ways (through an opportunity, from fishing, dumpster diving etc.).
        • You may bring home your study books (the texts you study from for your major).
      • You may bring home one vehicle that is parked at the dorm.
      • You may bring home ANY of the study aids, the science station or the group science project (they may be restricted and unusable by future sims, but you can bring them home), again, put it in family inventory.
        • It must be placed upon landing back in the home neighborhood.
      • If you have earned it, you may bring home the group science project. It must live in your family inventory until Politics is cleared.
      • You may bring home any furniture you wish. Again, it must be placed upon landing back home.
        • Objects like treadmills, bench presses, ovens, stereos and musical instruments, comfortable beds, etc., will still be restricted.
      • You must leave all collectibles, seeds, plants, research samples, and other such things at your dorm.
        • These will not count towards your collection goals.
      • If you had any gnomes spawn that you want to keep in your family inventory for scoring purposes, you may do that. They do not count against your 3 objects.
      • NOTE: If you have selected the Big backpacks advantage, you may bring home 5 items rather than 3, within the restrictions above. See Advantages and Handicaps.
      • If you own Seasons, upon returning to the home neighborhood, set your seasons to winter all the time.

Alternate Clear for Alien Technology

  • NOTE: If your sim narrowly escapes being hit by a meteor while at University, they can take said meteor to the School of Science for testing. This will allow you to skip one of the steps marked with Meteor.PNG symbol of any method of Alien Technology lift.

  • While still at University:
    • Meteor.PNGTop Science, Handiness, Logic, and Gardening skills.
    • Meteor.PNGDo following:
      • Analyze 1 rock, 1 plant, 1 fish, and 1 insect that you have found, collected, or harvested yourself to create samples.
      • Use the Science Research Station to create:
        • 3 Super Spice plant sim cures (herb experiment)
        • 3 Plasma Bugs (radiation experiment)
        • 3 perfect Empanadas (horticulture experiment - you may eat these even if Culinary has not been lifted.)
        • 3 Forbidden Fruits (DNA experiment on seeds)
    • Meteor.PNGUse the large Group Science Project located on campus and activate the White beam.
      • You CAN do this with the group science project outside the Science building on campus - but it's tricky dealing with other sims coming in and "helping" because you cannot see what progress their contribution is making.
      • You may NOT do this with the group science project you receive as a reward for topping the Science skill.
    • Meteor.PNGDo following:
      • Turn yourself into a Plantsim with a Forbidden fruit.
      • Cure yourself of being a Plantsim with the Super spice.
    • Meteor.PNGWhen you return home from University:
      • Place the Science Research Station on your home lot and obtain three DNA Samples from sims once you are back in the Neighborhood.
        • This can be done by the founder - the station has JUST enough battery life to finish these DNA samples and one other operation and then it may not be used again until Science has been cleared.
        • If you have vampires, werewolves, genies, mermaids, witches, aliens, or fairies in your game (that is, you own Seasons, Supernatural, or Island Paradise, and you have not turned occults off), one of your DNA samples MUST be from an alien, a mermaid or a supernatural sim.
      • Use your Science Research Station to clone ONE of your DNA samples and produce a newborn. There is only enough juice left to create ONE child.
        • You are allowed to wait to do this till after you have cleared your founder's career.
    • Raise the resulting child as your own. This child is allowed to lift a restriction but they may never be eligible to be the heir.
  • Some notes on this
    • You MAY bring the Big Science Project home from University, but it may not be placed on the lot until Alien Technology and Politics is cleared. It takes up a 9x9 area. You ALSO may not even USE the thing until Science is cleared.
    • Please note that if you do bring the Group Science Project home, it takes up one of the slots of things you can bring back with you - so you would have to leave something else out that you would be able to use right away.
    • You may also bring home the Science research station, again it takes up one of your three items. You are not allowed to purchase the Science station from the buy menu until Science is cleared, once you reach the home neighborhood.
    • You can start this at University and do most of your collecting, sampling, and experimentation while on campus.
    • If you do NOT do this with your founder while on campus, you MUST have Science, Politics, and Military cleared, and be actively working on Naturalist to start it.
      • Once you have a sim working on Naturalist, you may copy the Science Project community lot from the University and place it in your neighborhood, preferably near the science rabbit hole. Set the lot as a large park.
      • You may ONLY use this community lot science project to achieve the White Beam. You may not place or use any Group Science Project items that you have in family inventory until Alien Tech. has been cleared.

Plant Sims

  • Upon starting a Plant Sim challenge or choosing to have your sim changed to a Plant Sim:
    • Plant Sims have unique reproductive requirements. Because of their vegetable nature they are able to induce limited fertility even in toxic ash.
    • All Forbidden Fruit must be cultivated indoors, with plant pots.
    • Only seeds that have been created by WooHoo can be planted; you are not permitted to clone them or otherwise produce them "unnaturally". (These restrictions no longer apply once Naturalist is cleared).
    • Plant the forbidden fruit once your Gardening skill is high enough.
    • Plant Sims may plant, tend, and harvest Forbidden Fruit even before Naturalist is cleared.
    • You may have up to 3 gardening pots or 3 gardening rugs before Naturalist is clear. You may use these only to raise Forbidden Fruit until Naturalist is cleared.
    • If only have University you must clear a space within the 8x8 area to grow on the ground.
    • Until Naturalist is cleared, only Plant Sims may interact with the planted Forbidden Fruit. Other Sims may not even water them.
    • Use "Pick Forbidden Fruit" instead of "Tend Garden" to get a baby.
      • Note that producing a seed does not count as becoming pregnant, for purposes of restrictions such as Master Thief. This is one of the advantages of Plant Sims.
    • Only Plant Sim babies picked from the family garden may become the heir
      • Note that heirs (and spares) must be able to trace their lineage back through heirs to the founder. Therefore, only babies picked by the heir are able to lift restrictions, as if the spouse (or another household member) picks the plant, it will not show the unbroken descent to the founder in their family tree. Make sure your heir has time enough to pick his or her children personally!
    • Plant Sims are not allowed to photosynthesize until Symphonic has been lifted.
    • Plant sims who are not Inappropriate (and thus able to bathe in the sink) must endure being dry unless they can find a convenient puddle from a broken sink indoors. They may not purposely try to re-hydrate outside in the rain or in rain puddles till Naturalist is cleared.

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  • You may start your apocalypse on a house boat
  • You must use the largest size flat barge
  • Prior to Politics, you may only build 2 levels above the deck or one level below deck and one level above.
  • Your house foot print must be no larger than 8x8 (or 10x10 with "Privileged Family" advantage).
  • You do not need to place a foundation on the deck, the boat itself acts as a foundation. You may still decide to build your house on stilts to get some free space under the house.
  • Houseboats must stay moored where they are placed until Military has been cleared
  • You may not fish or swim or otherwise go into the water off the side of your house boat till Athletic and Naturalist are cleared

  • You may choose to play a Mermaid apocalypse by taking The Siren's Call occult handicap.
  • You may marry in a Mermaid, however prior to Medical restrictions being cleared they will probably quickly die of dehydration.
    • If they aren't able to swim in the ocean or in a swimming pool, and they don't die, then they will revert in a few days to fully human.



You may attempt to lift Politics using the Island Paradise method even if Athletic, Military, and Naturalist are not yet cleared. See Politics for details.

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The Apocalypse now threatens not only your own world, but the entire future history of the Sims! Can you avert disaster and restore the utopian future for your descendants?


When you start the game, a time portal will be placed on your lot.You may not touch it. It falls under all the usual restrictions; in order to move it at all, you need to lift Athletic; to put it on the roof would require Architect, etc. However, as you didn't place it, it need not be in the 8x8 area despite Politics. It is considered "weather resistant" if you have Seasons (you need not put a roof over it). You may not interact with the portal until you are able to travel to the future (see below).


Travelling to the future is not considered "normal" travel; you do not have to clear Politics, Espionage, or Forensics to travel in time. Traveling to the future is restricted by Alien Technology. Any methods open up future travel for your sims. There is an ITF method to clear Alien Technology but you are not required to use this method.


Unlike travel to University or World Adventures locations, your Sims do age in the future. If you have a Sim with an extended lifespan note that the usual rules for long lived Sims apply. See Supernatural Sims for details.


The new career Astronomy has two branches that can be used in the alternative Alien Technology lift.
A new way to lift Science is now available via Bot Building self-employed career.


Altough they cannot lift any restrictions, plumbots may become a helpful addition to your family as they can help you with a variety of tasks without requiring too much maintenance. Some general restrictions:

  • You may not marry a plumbot.