A new, short career is added with Generations - Day Care, along with many new objects, actions, and life events. This expansion can make the Apocalypse Challenge harder because of the non-cancellable actions that the game forces. (ie. graduation, scolding teens who miss school, etc.)
  • Day Care will be an Optional clear to give access to the new life time reward - Motive Mobile. This van maxes out your sims moods just by taking a spin around the block. See the Optional Lifts section for more info.
  • Amended rules affecting things like forced days off for graduation, marriage, etc:
    • The Master Thief restriction to quit your job due to pregnancy remains the same.
    • Other life events that force days off will require you to have a friends or higher relationship with your boss to keep your job.
      • Spouses just being married into the family will be exempt from having to know their boss or lose their job because of the forced days off due to the wedding. Since they were NOT controllable until you moved them in, you couldn't ensure they kept their nose brown ...
      • If you do not have a boss, then you must have a friends or better relationship with a co-worker.
      • If you have neither boss NOR co-workers, you must have at least 3 friends or better relationships with sims OUTSIDE the household.
  • Sleeping bags may not be laid out on the ground. They must be placed on a foundation or in a basement.
  • The cheapest set of bunk beds/loft beds may be used, and are a great space saver.
  • Age Freeze Lifetime Reward will not be allowed for the tournament.
  • Young Again Lifetime Reward will be allowed and is restricted by Paranormal and Medical.
  • You may use testingcheatsenabled true (or Master Controller, or similar mods) to burninate imaginary friends with extreme prejudice. You are not required to do so (but we will judge you if you do not).
  • If you choose not to remove imaginary friends from your game, they MAY be turned real once they reach Young Adult life stage.
    • They MAY be chosen as spouses but sims may NOT use romantic interactions on them before they have been turned real
  • You may purchase the Clone Voucher lifetime reward and the cloned child can lift a restriction, but can never become heir. It is restricted by Alien Technology.