• Prerequisites - NONE
    • “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”
      • Lift one of the required restrictions

The physical effects of the nuclear winter are clear, but it is only half of the devastation. The damage to the population’s mindset and willpower has also been great. People are starting to give up hope and despair has begun to set in. People have no motivation to band together or leave the shelters they have made.

  • You cannot marry in any Sims at all until this has been cleared.
    • Remember that you cannot move in any sims except by marriage - you may not use the "Move In" interaction.
      • There is a glitch where your active Sim asks an inactive Sim to marry them, they say yes, and then they don't get moved into the family. If this happens, you may use the Move In command.
  • You may not buy ANY lifetime rewards with points at all.

Once your founder or a decedent of the founder reaches the top of a career, (ANY of the careers available to the founder, it doesn't matter which), he or she shows the region that the worst is over, and that things can and will begin to get better. A few Sims are even willing to risk traveling the streets to be with the regions new and only ray of hope. You may marry in spouses for your founder and future heirs and redeem reward points (within the restrictions that have been lifted). You are still restricted to moving in only those who will contribute to the next generation.

  • Change of Taste
  • Nerd, Rebel and Jock Influence
    • NOTE: once Hopelessness is cleared, you may only purchase a total of 5 points in any given faction group. However, before you can buy even one point, you must earn a point in that faction group. So Sarah Simily has joked and interacted and made friends with two sims from the Rebel social group and she gets a point in Rebel faction. She may now purchase one point of rebel faction. But she may not purchase another point until she has earned her next point by interacting with rebels or doing things that build rebel faction. If she looses a point of faction, she has to earn it back before she can buy another point.

Note: Even after Hopelessness is lifted, and for the rest of the challenge, you are still restricted to moving in (via marriage - not the Move In interaction) only those who will contribute to the next generation. That means Spares may not marry anyone in unless THEY become the heir or unless something happens to the heir's children and the heir and his/her spouse are too old or incapable of having more children. i.e. the old heir dies and all their children also die. The old heir's spouse cannot remarry and continue the legacy because they themselves are not part of the blood line (unless they marry the spare). The spare must step up to the plate, get married and continue the bloodline. That is, of course, if the spare still lives on the lot and is capable of continuing the bloodline. If there is no spare and all heirs die – the challenge ends.