Late Night lets us experience clubbing and parties in a new way. We can visit everything from dive bars to exclusive lounges. We can also form a band with the different instruments now available and play in any of these venues as a self-employment career. Along with the late night scene, we can also build out celebrity reputation, bringing with it the good - opportunities for friendships, romance and other rewards, and the bad - paparazzi who will just not leave you alone. A professional Juice Bar has been added to the Party tab of the buy menu, and helps your sim build skill as a Mixologist. You can also be self employed as a mixologist, if you like. The Film Studio rabbit hole was added with this expansion, offering two branches with in the Film Career.
  • New Rabbit Hole Careers

  • New Self-Employment Careers
    • Sim Band
  • Vampires have been added to the game as a playable life state. Please see the specific rules for playing them.
  • Paparazzi are an annoyance added to the game with this expansion. Rules governing socializing with them can be found in Espionage.