Pets brings some great new options, actions and fun to the game.

Rules For Owning Cats and Dogs
  • You may start the challenge with either a cat or a dog added in CAS to your household - just one pet.
  • You may purchase the cheapest food bowl and fill it once per day (restricted by Culinary)
  • You may not make Gourmet Pet Food (restricted by Culinary)
  • You are allowed to train your animal to hunt
  • You may not give your pet a bath, even for fleas, until Medical has been cleared.
  • Your pet is allowed one toy and one toy only from the pet toy crate until Business is cleared regardless of the number of pets in your household.
    • Buy the pet toy crate, take a single toy out of it for the kind of pet you have and then sell the crate back in buy mode.
  • You may not buy the cat Litter Box until Medical has been cleared.
  • You may not purchase or use the Kitty Tower (big, multilevel scratch post/sleeping platform) until Architect has been cleared. You can buy the small scratching post.

Breeding Cats and Dogs
  • If you want to breed your pet you may purchase the Low Country Living Pet House. It must be placed on the ground within your 8X8 area or inside one of your two levels (restricted by Politics and Symphonic). Once placed it cannot be moved until Athletics is clear.
  • You can breed your Pets the following ways:
    • Adopt a stray to breed with.
    • Breed with a neighbors Pet
    • Once your pet has Level 10 in hunting, call the Shelter and adopt (you can do this even if Business is not clear)
    • Dogs can be told to “Hunt for a Mate” but must be on a community lot
    • Adopt a Pet from a neighbor (restricted by Politics. Also restricted by Military and Espionage unless the neighbor is in your Network)
  • Adding a Pet if you did not start the challenge with one or your original Pet failed to produce an heir
    • Adopt a stray
    • Call the Shelter and adopt (Restricted by Business)
    • Adopt a Pet from a neighbor (restricted by Military and Espionage unless they are in your Network)

Rules for moving Pets out of your home
  • Use your phone to "Place Pet for Adoption." The pet you want to place for adoption must be 'adoptable' and have a sponsor. Why would anyone take them otherwise? Calls may only be placed on Monday or Thursdays until Communications is clear.
    • Your pet's sponsor is your Best Friend. In order to place a pet for adoption you need to have a unique Best Friend for each pet. (If you have two pets to place for adoption, you must have two Best Friends) Once Espionage is clear, your Pet no longer needs to have a sponsor. People are much more trustworthy.
    • Until Business is clear your pet must be a Level 10 Hunter or each pet must have at least 3 of the traits below:
      • Aggressive
      • Genius
      • Hunter
      • Loyal
      • Neat
      • Non-destructive
      • Quiet
  • When another family member moves out they can take one pet with them (restricted by Military).
  • Your pet dies of old age.

Rules For Owning Horses
  • Acquiring a Horse
    • Adopt a wild Horse (restricted by Politics - except for the sim attempting to lift Naturalist by the EXPERIMENTAL FAUNA method)
    • Purchase a horse from the Equestrian Center (restricted by Politics and Business)
    • Adopt a horse from a neighbor (restricted by Politics. Also restricted by Military and Espionage unless the neighbor is in your Network)
  • Riding a horse is restricted by Athletics.

Miscellaneous Rules
  • Elder restrictions apply to pets as they age (restricted by Forensics)
  • Pet Life Span - for dogs, cats AND horses
    • 2 days for baby stage
    • 25 days for adult
    • 7 for elder
  • You may not buy the bird cage or bird branch table or the various cages for small animals - nor may you stock them with any kind of bird or small pet until Naturalist is cleared.
  • The Unicorn may not be befriended or moved in to your family at all, ever.
    • You may not ask the Unicorn to bless you.
    • You may not have the Unicorn mate with any horses you own.