• Neither Child sims or Childish sims can play tag with another sim unless their relationship is Friends or better. Restricted by Espionage.
  • You can now use this mod to change supernatural lifespans to match human lifespans. If using this mod than supernatural age up rules and lifespan rules no longer apply.
  • Sims may not sleep outside. Restricted by Symphonic.
  • Sims may not use the Salutatory Speakers Podium or the Instant Inspiration Whiteboard. Restricted by Politics, Entertainment, and Education.
  • Changed Elder Pet lifespan to 7 days.

  • Changed point values for many Handicaps/Advantages.
  • You now may NOT have the performance stage in your Network Big Park.
  • You may audition and perform at any outdoor venue during work hours before Military is lifted. Only applies to Showtime careers.
  • Get Off My Lawn handicap and Anagathic Supply advantage are no longer compatible.


Sims 3 is a huge game with very diverse game play options. As the Apocalypse Challenge has morphed with the addition of Expansion Packs and Store Content, the rules have to be updated and tweaked from time to time. This Wiki is current with all the rule changes. However, for those that started our October 2016 tournament with one set of rules, we wanted to provide a place to go to see a comprehensive list of any rule tweaks that may happen during this tournament....As always if you broke a rule before it was a rule, then you didn't break a rule, but now that it is a rule, if you break the rule, you broke the rule.

Here is a link to the TS3 Apocalypse Challenge Rule Update blog: October 2016 Tournament Updates