• At the beginning of your challenge, set your weather to 28 days of winter and disable spring, summer and fall
    • Once you have Symphonic cleared, you may set your seasons to no less than 14 days of winter and no more than 14 days of spring per cycle.
    • Once Naturalist is cleared, you may set your seasons how ever you wish
  • Sims may not use any igloos built on the ground, until Naturalist has been cleared.
  • You may not make snow angels or snowmen until Naturalist is clear.


  • Going to Festivals is restricted by Military and Forensics.
    • Events at festivals will be restricted according to what they are - eating contests are restricted by Culinary, buying anything from booths, including getting your face painted, is restricted by Business, physical contests (water balloon fights, snowboarding competitions etc) are restricted by Athletic, and so on. If governing restrictions for an activity or interaction are not lifted, you may not do it.
  • You may NOT use the festival grounds as your Big Park. If your Neighborhood has no appropriate park that can be changed (See Set Up rules) you may choose any empty lot and create one yourself.
  • You are allowed to observe the holidays if your sim receives a day off for any of the seasonal festivals and you haven't cleared Master Thief yet, you do NOT have to quit your job because NO ONE in town is working that day.
    • You may not give gifts until Espionage is cleared.
    • You may not decorate for the holidays until Architect is cleared.


  • There are new plants. Pumpkins are now available for Naturalists to grow in their garden
  • Gardening must be done in a "green house" you build in accordance with existing building restrictions until Naturalist is cleared - ie you MUST use a pot for your plants or create a "green house" enclosed area for your garden.
    • There are currently enough plants that will grow in pots to fulfill all the perfect plants for Naturalist that you will not have to grow any trees.
    • Pending testing, you may be able to do a ground level garden enclosed by walls and a lattice "roof" during the spring, and then you enclose it in a flat roof "tarp" for the winter, and thus be able to grow trees. You will not be able to plant new trees on the ground until spring and the "tarp" comes off.


  • Alien sims may be befriended, romanced and married in to the family
    • Aliens may NOT summon meteors until Alien Technology has been cleared
    • A quest involving aliens, their space ship and their various abilities has been incorporated into a quest to lift Alien Technology.


  • Roller Skating Rinks, Ice Skating Rinks, Soccer Nets and Snow Board tubes are restricted by Athletics, Politics and Business.
    • All of the above must be cleared in order to OWN these things. Only Athletics is required to use them on community lots.
    • Owning your own snowboard that you can display on the wall will not be restricted
  • Use of Diving Boards and Water Balloon Arenas is restricted by Athletics, Medical, Politics and Naturalist.
    • All of the above must be cleared in order to OWN these things. Only Athletics and Medical and Naturalist are required to use them on community lots.

Occult Sims

  • Vampires MAY purchase and use the umbrella to avoid overexposure to the sun.
    • Yes I know this makes playing vampires that do NOT have seasons more difficult.
    • No I'm not going for equivalency based on what expansions you may or may not have.
  • Occult sims may not play with the weather Tiki stone until Military and Naturalist has been cleared

New Interactions

  • Ocean Swimming is restricted by Athletics, Military, Medical and Naturalist
  • Sims may not splash in puddles or play in the rain until Medical is cleared
  • Building Igloos and having snowball fights is restricted by Athletics.
    • Sims CAN play in the snow and ice skate (once Athletics is cleared), however, since it's not making them all wet.
  • If your sim is ill, has allergies or a sunburn, they may not take time off work unless Master Thief is cleared.
  • The daylight changes according to the season but will not affect hours a sim can be out.
  • You may not place the seasonal lot marker on your home lot until Architect is cleared (automatic decorating)
  • On full moons, sims MUST be inside by 8pm and they may not leave the house again till 6am. This is to avoid the zombie spawn.
    • If a sim needs to go to work, or is coming home from work or they are staying an hour after work for a work related opportunity, they are exempt from this rule, but they must come directly home as soon as work or the opportunity is finished.
  • You may write one love letter a day to any one sim you know before Journalism is cleared. After clearing Journalism, you may write as many love letters as you wish.