Set Up

Read through ALL the rules before you start your challenge. Everything is listed somewhere. Universal rules cover rules that govern your family from inception to completion of the challenge. Expansion Specific rules cover topics that are particular to any of the expansions. Category rules cover all the restrictions that you have to lift throughout the challenge. If you are confused about a particular rule or you can't find it, use the search page option and see if it is listed. If there isn't a listing, you can ask questions on the TS3AC Facebook group page

Choose Your Advantages and Handicaps

Before you do anything else, you should choose which Advantages and/or Handicaps you will be playing with. The Advantages and Handicaps page lists many bonuses or penalties to vary the default rules. Choose them now, so you can plan ahead and set up your game accordingly.

Prepare Your Neighborhood

  • Choose any EA made world or any desert or apocalyptic player made world you wish, but beware as not all player made worlds come with all necessary spawners or rabbitholes.
  • You may doctor the entire neighborhood to remove decorations, trees, shrubs and flowers, if you wish but you don't have to do this. Just pretend that any greenery you might see is toxic until the Naturalist restrictions have been lifted.
    • !!!Prior to creating your challenge sim, make sure your lot and neighborhood are ready to move in. You may do whatever changes you need in your neighbourhood before you start to play. However, once you are settled and hit "Play", you are not allowed to go to Edit Town to change anything for the rest of the challenge!!!
      • Refer to this list of required rabbithole and open community lots for your neighborhood before you start, according to what expansion packs you have.
      • If your neighborhood is not populated, place 30 families around the residential lots in town.
      • You must randomize the traits of these Sims and pick one of the five LTW's that show up. It is recommended to make the families with some varying ages, but not required.
      • If you own the Supernatural expansion, see those specific rules for placing sims of your Supernatural founder variety.
    • If your neighborhood is populated, you may have a maximum of 30 families around the residential lots in town, not including your own. Rules for creating any new families are the same as they are for unpopulated neighborhoods (see above).
    • Place any rabbit hole buildings you need so you have access to every career available in every expansion you own.
      • We do HIGHLY recommend splitting up the School/Stadium combo if your neighborhood has one. There is a glitch where this rabbit hole combo will cause your Sims in the Professional Sports career to always lose their games. This may make the base game method to lift Athletics harder than it needs to be.
  • You will define your sims Network at the beginning of the challenge. Your Network will be the only lots you can visit until Military restrictions are lifted. It shall be comprised of the following lots:
    • 3 neighbors
    • 1 Rabbit hole
    • 1 Big park (you may NOT choose Festival Grounds or the Performance Park as your big park)
    • 1 Non-park Community lot.
  • These lots can be anywhere on the map and do NOT need to be close to your home lot.
    • The Big Park must conform to the Allowed/Not Allowed lists below. Should you choose an existing Park or Community Lot you must edit it.
      • Should you build your park, you are not limited to the 8X8 area nor are you required to build on a foundation or stilts.
    • Sims MAY visit the 3 neighbors and the Big Park during allowed hours
    • Sims MAY complete opportunities at the rabbithole or visit the lot during allowed hours. They may NOT perform any restricted actions such as registering as self-employed before Politics is clear should they choose the City Hall as their rabbithole lot.
    • Sims May only visit the Non-park Community lot once it's governing restrictions are clear during allowed hours.
    • NETWORK EXAMPLE for Sunset Valley based apocalypse
      • Residential lots: Bachelor House, Langerak House, Single Moms house
      • Big Park: That big square park in the middle of the city
      • Rabbithole: City Hall
      • Non-park: Library
  • Setting up your Big Park:
    • If you choose an existing community lot, edit it to conform to the allowed/not allowed list below.
      • ALLOWED
        • 1 Chess Table with chairs
        • 1 Hopscotch court (Generations)
        • 1 Dart Board (Late Night)
        • 1 Teddy Bear
        • 1 Baseball, Football, Hand and Foot ball, Kicky Bag or Frisbee (you must choose only one)
        • Cheap tables and chairs (not restricted on how many)
        • Park benches (not restricted on how many)
        • Candles, lanterns, torches (not restricted on how many)
        • 1 public toilet stall (may not be completely enclosed by walls)
        • A covered area to keep the weather off sims (may not be completely enclosed by walls)
        • You may not have any elements on the lot entirely enclosed by walls
        • Bookshelves must be removed
        • Radios and gym equipment must be removed
        • Toy boxes, xylophones, peg boards, activity tables and other children's entertainment must be removed (except for the solitary bear)
        • No Grills, fire pits or bonfires
        • No Sinks
      • Anything that is restricted at the start of the challenge may be added in to this community lot once you are able to purchase it and upgrade it's amenities, as long as governing restrictions for any given item you wish to add have been lifted.

Choose Your Apocalypse Lot

  • Choose the largest, empty, residential lot between 40x40 and 64x64 in size that is available in your world.
    • If you have trouble with lag, you may take the largest lot size that doesn't bog your game down.
    • If you took Cramped Much? handicap, place down (or choose premade) 10x10 lot to start with.
    • Once you plant your founder on your lot, you may not move them to any other lot in the neighborhood.
    • 64x64 lots already cost $8192 Simoleons, leaving you with $8308 simoleons.
    • If you choose a smaller lot, you must reduce your sims available funds immediately to $8308 simoleons
      • You can use the testingcheatsenabled true then familyfunds <familyname> 8308 cheats to do this easily.
      • Alternately, you may determine how much you need to reduce your family funds by, and then purchase goods from the buy menu until you only have $8308 simoleons left. Put these goods into your family inventory box in buy mode and never touch them again.
      • For anyone wanting to start your Tournament Founder on a pre-made lot w/house already built you do NOT get $8,308 as your leftover money after you buy. You will need to buy your house and then do this equation: 8308 - (lot w/house price - lot size price) = how much money you have left for books and other building/buying.
        EXAMPLE: I buy a pre-made house on a 10x10 lot. The price is $4,599 and the 10x10 lot costs $200. 8308-(4599-200)=3909. I would then familyfunds my founder to have 3909 simoleons.
You must do this BEFORE you go buy your books or add anything to your lot/house.
  • Make sure the lot you are moving your founder in to has no trees, shrubs, flowers or other decorations, and the ground is painted with a dirt or sand texture.

Create Your Sim

  • Choose your occult restriction. See this page for details.
  • By default, with no game start advantages or handicaps, you will use the following rules:
    • Your founder will start as a Young Adult of whichever gender you choose.
    • You can choose your founder's starting lift freely.
    • Your founder does not go to University unless you take Higher Education advantage.

  • Create a Sim in CAS.
    • See above - by default, your Sim will be a young adult (unless you take Get Off My Lawn handicap, in which case your founder starts as an Adult) male or female, life state according to your chosen occult restriction.
    • Your Sim may have any Life Time Wish you want and have any traits you want (unless you take Nobody's Perfect handicap, in which case certain traits are off-limits). You are not limited on how they look (unless you take The Eyes Have It handicap) or what they wear.
    • If you choose to create a supernatural sim, refer to the specific Supernatural Sims rules for any game play considerations concerning your founder and their family.
  • Move your founder Sim to the Apocalypse Lot.

Find a Job

  • If you chose to send your founder to University, choose your career first. Then you can choose your major to fit that job. You have to first finish your University time before you can actually take the job.

  • By default you may choose any of the base 19 lifts for your founder to pursue.
  • If you chose I'm sorry, you're overqualified handicap, you are required to choose your founder's starting lift at random from the list below:
    • Generate a number between 1 and 6 with an online number generator or a 6 sided (square) die.
    • is an easy online random number generator to use.
    • Choose your career from one of the three (or four) options available on the result you rolled.
    • The List:
      • Roll of 1: Architect / Athletic / Business
      • Roll of 2: Communications / Criminal / Culinary
      • Roll of 3: Education / Entertainment / Espionage
      • Roll of 4: Forensics / Journalism / Master Thief
      • Roll of 5: Medical / Military / Naturalist
      • Roll of 6: Paranormal / Politics / Science / Symphonic

  • After you choose your starting lift, you must immediately walk to register for the career required for your lift. You can do it regardless of other restrictions in place. If there are more ways to clear your restriction, you can choose any one of them.

Build Your House

  • Designate an 8x8 area (10x10 if you play with Privileged Family advantage) to build your house. You may not build outside this area prior to lifting Politics, and once designated and built on, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely.
  • The founder's house must either be built on stilts (columns), built on a foundation, or built under the ground. You may not place walls or flooring directly on the ground.
  • Refer to the Architect rules for specifics on building your house.
  • A list of allowed build mode items can be found Build and Buy Restrictions found here.
  • If you are sending your sim to University, refer to the University Life rules about building your house

Furnish your house

  • You are, in general, limited to a buy item cost of $1000 simoleons or less for any item you purchase.
    • As some items within the allowed price range are not allowed for various reasons, refer to the Buy and Build item restrictions.
  • Go to the Book Store and purchase at least 3 skill books (ONLY skill books allowed). You are REQUIRED to purchase at least 3 books at the beginning of the challenge!
    • If you are sending your sim to University, refer to the University Life rules about buying books.
    • This will be the ONLY time you are allowed to go out in the neighborhood and go shopping until you have lifted relevant restrictions.
    • You may buy as many of the toddler skill books and any of the adult skill books you want. (Note that the "Jimmy Sprockett" books are not skill books.)
    • You are highly encouraged to purchase the Gardening books as they are the only way to learn Gardening if you cannot go to the library.
    • You may visit the Consignment Store to buy skill books (ONLY skill books allowed). You may visit both the Consignment Store and the Book Store on the first day of the challenge, if desired, but you must purchase a minimum of 3 books total.
  • You are allowed to purchase a single Sloppy Jalopy.
    • You must place a car parking space on the ground within your 8x8 area and keep your car placed on that space when ever you are at home with it.
    • If you own the Classically Cool Fixer Upper from the store you may purchase this instead of the Sloppy Jalopy. Refer to Store Content in Science for restrictions concerning this car.

It's time to start your Apocalypse Challenge!!