Store Content

EA has given us the opportunity to add to our games and individualizing them even more with premium store content that adds new interactions and animations. Some of this content really doesn't affect the challenge at all, while other sets impact it a great deal. This section details the sets and objects that have any impact on what you are allowed to do and when during the challenge. This will be updated frequently as feedback about this content comes in from players. I personally do not own most of these, more's the pity, so I will depend on all our readers to keep me up to date on them.


All EA created store Worlds allowed for your challenge. Note that there are Venues included in some of these Worlds that have their own restrictions and listed below.


All venues are restricted by Military, as well as any additional restrictions as noted below. Note: Your sim must adhere to all other active restrictions while visiting any venue.

Al Fresco Street Market

Business as Usual Bistro

Gothique Library

  • Restricted by: Journalism
    • The venue may be placed at the beginning of the challenge in place of the existing Library

Grandpa's Grove

Grim's Ghastly Manor

  • Restricted by: Paranormal
    • The venue may be placed at the beginning of the challenge. Note that replacing the graveyard in EA worlds may cause glitches in your game.

Le Cinema Plumbob

Olympian Physique

Prism Art Studio

Regency Arcade

Serenity Retreat

Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts

Stones Throw Greenhouse

The Boardwalk

The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire

The Golden Ticket Toy Shop

The Lucky Simoleon Casino

Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center


Store items not specifically listed here are covered by existing restrictions, as they offer no additional significant interactions- ie: Warbling Wind Chimes is covered under Architect, as it is a decorative item, Aims Co Choc-O-Falls Fountain is covered by Culinary and Science as it is an appliance that makes food.


Armored Black Dragon

Green Dragon

Purple Dragon

Red Dragon

Head Start Playpen

Local Motion Toddler Walker

MultiTab 6000

The following items have standard restrictions applied

Artisan's Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station

Atomic Jack Planet Attack Pinball Machine

Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station

Barrier to Entry System

Classic Gumball Machine

Dead Man's Hand Poker Table

Door of Life and Death

Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop

Fruit and Veggie Stand

Gift of Speech Baby Monitor

Grandpa's Grove Tractor

Hit 'em Harder Blackjack Table

Hot Air Balloon

Infinite Zen Massage Table

Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book O' Spells

Laganaphyllis Simnovori (aka The Cow Plant)

Lemonade Stand

Leon's Fountain of Youth

Let it Ride Roulette Table

Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron

Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll

Milkin' It Dairy Corral

Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower

Savvy Seller's Collection

Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair

Sharper Sim's Super Sleeper

Sky High Roller Coaster Cart

Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing

Soothsayer's Crystal Ball

Steam-It-Up Sauna

Stiff as a Board Dance Floor

Surf's Up Sun and Fun Wave Station

SwiftGro Gardening Station

The Hypnotizer

The Not So Routine Machine

The Titanic Toy Machine

Tree of Prosperity

Triple Riches Slots O'Jackpots Slot Machine

Wishing Well