Playing Supernatural Sims

The Late Night and Supernatural expansions for The Sims 3 brought us the ability to play vampires and other supernatural beings. Seasons, University Life and Island Paradise each added a supernatural type as well, bringing the total number of non-human playable sim types to 8. The following rules govern how to introduce supernatural sims to your household and what supers you may start a challenge with.

Set Up

Should you decide to play an Occult Legacy, you may seed up to 30 sims of your occult type in your neighborhood at setup. You may also turn off any occult types you don't wish to see in your neighborhood.

Playable Supernaturals

  • Generations
    • Imaginary Friends
  • Island Paradise
    • Mermaids
  • Late Night
    • Vampires
  • Seasons
    • Aliens
  • Supernatural
    • Ghosts
    • Fairies
    • Vampires
    • Werewolves
    • Witches
  • Showtime
    • Genies
  • University Life
    • Plant Sims

Expanded Somewhere Over the Rainbow Rules and Basic Occult Rules

  • See Occult Set Up for specific rules on Occult Founder/Bloodline lifespan.
  • You may marry any sim of any supernatural persuasion.
    • Exceptions and conditions
      • GHOSTS
        • If you are playing any supernatural type OTHER than ghosts, you may not marry in a ghost until Paranormal restrictions have been lifted.
        • ONLY ghosts can marry in other ghosts at will from the start of the challenge.
      • MERMAIDS
        • If you wish to marry in a mermaid, you are restricted from doing so until Medical is cleared due to the impossibility of keeping them alive without access to a shower or bathtub
        • Keep in mind that if they don't swim often in a pool or an open body of water, they will turn into regular human sims.
        • Also keep in mind mermaids are hard to keep fed without kelp.
        • You may not marry Simbots or Zombies - they cannot reproduce
        • You may marry an Imaginary Friend however they must be Young Adult before they can be moved into a household and/or turned real. (Do this at your own risk)
  • You are NOT required to pass your legacy on to your founder's type if you choose to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This means you do not have to have children until your founder's occult type is born.
  • Mummies and Zombies outside the family (while in their occult state) are off limits for socialization through the entire challenge.
  • The Unicorn may not be adopted, nor may you have your horse sim mate with one.

  • Upon starting a Vampire challenge or choosing to have your sim Turned:
    • Vampires must eat plasma fruit (or a meal made from it), drink from a plasma pack, or drink from a willing sim (including family).
      • Drinking from a willing sim does NOT count as your 1 meal of the day.
      • Willing sims (those sims your sim has a friendly relationship with) may only be invited over as per the Military and Espionage restrictions.
      • If Culinary has not been cleared, you must invite willing sims to your home lot in order to feed from them. You may not feed on community lots.
    • Founders are still restricted to quick meals prior to lifting hopelessness and moving in a spouse.
    • Pulling plasma juice out of the fridge counts as the family's one meal of the day.

  • Upon starting a Plant Sim challenge or choosing to have your sim changed to a Plant Sim:
    • Plant Sims have unique reproductive requirements. Because of their vegetable nature they are able to induce limited fertility even in toxic ash.
    • All Forbidden Fruit must be cultivated indoors, with plant pots. Only seeds that have been created by WooHoo can be planted; you are not permitted to clone them or otherwise produce them "unnaturally". (These restrictions no longer apply once Naturalist is cleared).
    • Plant the forbidden fruit once your Gardening skill is high enough.
    • Plant Sims may plant, tend, and harvest Forbidden Fruit even before Naturalist is cleared.
    • You may have up to 3 gardening pots or 3 gardening rugs before Naturalist is clear. You may use these only to raise Forbidden Fruit until Naturalist is cleared.
    • If only have University you must clear a space within the 8x8 area to grow on the ground.
    • Until Naturalist is cleared, only Plant Sims may interact with the planted Forbidden Fruit. Other Sims may not even water them.
    • Use "Pick Forbidden Fruit" instead of "Tend Garden" to get a baby.
      • Note that producing a seed does not count as becoming pregnant, for purposes of restrictions such as Master Thief. This is one of the advantages of Plant Sims.
    • Only Plant Sim babies picked from the family garden may become the heir
      • Note that heirs (and spares) must be able to trace their lineage back through heirs to the founder. Therefore, only babies picked by the heir are able to lift restrictions, as if the spouse (or another household member) picks the plant, it will not show the unbroken descent to the founder in their family tree. Make sure your heir has time enough to pick his or her children personally!
      Plant Sims are not allowed to photosynthesize until Symphonic has been lifted.
      • Plant sims who are not Inappropriate (and thus able to bathe in the sink) must endure being dry unless they can find a convenient puddle from a broken sink indoors. They may not purposely try to re-hydrate outside in the rain or in rain puddles until Naturalist is cleared.

  • The ghost urn does not count as an item in the backpack
  • Occult and human sims MAY socialize with any other playable sim type, except ghosts, from the start of the challenge
  • Ghost sims in the family may freely interact and socialize with other ghosts before Paranormal is lifted.
  • Ghosts MAY return to the Netherworld at any time.
  • You MAY NOT resurrect playable ghosts via ambrosia or the time machine event assuming you are are otherwise permitted to use these items.

  • World Peace (World Misery if Evil): Sims get a nice 3 day moodlet, and can forever talk about World Peace or World Misery to other Sims.
  • Resurrect Sim: With the remains of a Sim on your lot, this wish will be selectable and return them to life.
  • More Wishes: When running low, you can get a chance at more wishes. You should get at least one, which basically wastes your time but it's worth a shot.
    • Unrestricted.
  • Love: This lets you select any Sim you know and instantly makes them fall in love with your Sim. You can't select genies with this wish.
    • Unrestricted.
  • Long Life: Wishing for Long Life will add 30 days to your Sim's lifespan, so that they can stay in the current life stage longer.
    • Never unrestricted. Challenge long ban.
  • Large Family: Use this before your Sim attempts to try for baby and they will have triplets.
  • Happiness: This gives your Sim an Eternal Joy moodlet with no timer, meaning they will have its +25 boost forever.
    • Unrestricted.
  • Free the Genie: Requires friends status. After the completion of an opportunity the genie will join your household. Will not work if you already have a Special Opportunity in that slot, so clear it or finish the previous task.
    • Unrestricted
  • Fortune: Gives your household 100,000 Simoleons instantly.
    • Unrestricted
  • Beauty: Wishing for beauty will make your Sim forever more attractive to others, enhancing the success rate of any romantic interactions.
  • Banish Sim: Removes the selected sim from the lot you are currently on.
    • Unrestricted
  • Ensourcel Sim: Allows you to control the selected sim for 4 sim hours
    • Unrestricted
  • Magically Clean house/Sim: Cleans the house of dirty dishes and trash or raises the hygiene for the selected sim

  • The Founder must marry in an alien and have alien babies with them OR your founder must become alien pregnant
  • Each generation ONLY the most alien of your offspring may be the heir.
    • So long as your alien born sim is able to recombobulate devices, call meteors, and do other alien specific things, they are alien enough to be the heir.
  • Marry in only aliens or try to get your male heirs abducted and alien pregnant as much as you can
  • May marry only mundane humans and other aliens.
  • NOTE: At any point before Hopelessness is lifted, if your founder has not been abducted by aliens and made pregnant (or, for a female founder, if you have not found any aliens to breed with), you may switch to Knights of Genetic Purity without penalty. You must make your choice before Hopelessness is lifted; once Hopelessness is lifted, you are committed to your choice.