The celestial music has stopped. Clouds cover the sky, yet nothing but toxic ash rains down upon the land. Sims despair of ever seeing the symphony of a babbling brook or the chimes of insects whirring as they move from flower to flower again. One sim, however, still hears the music, deep in their soul, and they set out to release it in all it's power and glory.


    • Prerequisites - None
    • "The skies are dark and packed with clouds
      No more concerts, no more crowds
      The land sleeps in a blanket of snow
      Waiting for the start of the show
      All that's missing is the lead
      For the land to wake and take heed
      Blast Mother Nature’s eardrums out
      Show grandfather winter what you're about
      Make the existence look and nod
      To the emergence of the Symphonic God"
      • Reach Level 10 of the Symphonic branch of the Music Career

  • Prerequisites - Late Night EP, Ambitions EP
    • Your sim reaches into the hearts and minds of others through their music and the air magically begins to clear.
    • “Thanks for the joy that you're givin' me
      I want you to know I believe in your song
      Rhythm and rhyme and harmony
      You help me along, makin' me strong,
      Give me the beat boys and free my soul
      I wanna get lost in your rock n' roll
      And drift away . . .”
      - - - Dobie Gray "Drift Away"
      • Reach Level 5 of the Self-employed Band Career
      • Master 3 Instruments
      • Reach Level 4 Celebrity Status
    • Rules for Clearing Rock N Roll Band:
    • After reaching level 1 in any of the following instruments (guitar, drums, piano or base) invite other sims to join your band. You can invite up to 3 other sims.
    • Now that you have a band, go to the City Hall and register for the self-employed band career.
    • You may perform gigs regardless of curfews as this is your job (You will need at least Waylon’s Haunt dive bar in your world in order to get gigs)
    • You may take celebrity challenges as this is part of your job as well.
      • If Military is not clear, you are restricted by curfew on befriending other sims. Rabbit hole opportunities must also be done within curfew where possible.
          • If the venue is not open, you can go as soon as it’s open to complete the challenge.
    • You may NOT play at parties unless Espionage and Entertainment are clear.
    • You may not try to impress celebrities but you can greet them - you will autonomously make friends with them when they watch your Jam Session.
    • You may only play on lots in your network until Military is clear.
    • Helpful Hints for this method:
    • You may try for the One Sim Band LTW if you want but it will be difficult - you will have to jam in the park every single day to make it happen before your sim turns Elder with enough time left to reproduce. You must be a virtuoso. You will have about 6 or 7 days to Elder by the time you complete it with lots of friends so picking a spouse should be a piece of cake.
    • You will make friends with sims that watch you Jam without ever interacting with them but it does not increase your charisma skill
    • Virtuoso is almost required. Friendly, Slob, Star Quality and Charismatic are very helpful.
    • You can do this without ever getting gigs but gigs are helpful if you can get and complete them
    • You will eventually get your first celebrity star as you advance in the Band Career
    • Having your band jam with you might divert some of your tip money to them. Just saying.
    • You can either Jam or Play for Tips. Both will earn tip money. I couldn’t tell whether one was better than the other. But you need tips to advance in the Band Career.


    • Only sims attempting to lift a restriction using EITHER Music career branch (Symphonic or Rock Star) may skill up on the acoustic guitar. (Also restricted by Entertainment)
      • You must wait until the sim is employed in the music career before playing guitar.
      • You may learn the Guitar skill via other means; you are simply barred from playing guitar. For example, if you have lifted Education and Military, you may take a class in the Guitar skill; if you have lifted Education, Espionage, and Military, your teens may enrol in the after school Music club.
    • Items from the buy menu may not be placed outdoors. Everything must be covered by a roof or awning of some sort.
        • Delivered items (newspapers, bills etc) do not count for this restriction.
        • Cars and Motorcycles are a noted exception. They can survive the rigors of the outdoors. If Politics is not clear they must be within the 8X8 area.
          • Bicycles MUST be kept under a roof.
    • You may not promise any wish (by locking it in a wish slot) except to set a Lifetime Wish.
    • Features from the Fountains, Pools and Ponds features (not swimming pool, the other kind of pool) may not be placed.
    • Foliage - trees, shrubs and flowers may not be placed.(also restricted by Naturalist)
    • You may not build or swim in an outdoor swimming pool - it freezes over (also restricted by Athletic, Medical, and Naturalist).
    • Sims may not swim in the ocean (this came with a patch for the Seasons expansion) (also restricted by Athletic, Medical, Military, and Naturalist).
    • You may not purchase or use Solar Panels or the Windmill (also restricted by Science).
    • Sims may not use telescopes as the skies are too cloudy to see anything. (also restricted by Science)
    • Sims may not sleep outside (also restricted by Military)
    • Sims may not go on International Adventures because the weather is too rough to permit flight. (Also restricted by Military, Politics, and Espionage. Plus Forensics for Elders with less than 10 athletic skill.)
      • Exception: Sims attempting to lift Business via the Multinational Conglomerate method are able to go on international adventures; they are given a military pilot specially trained for low visibility conditions.
      • Please refer to World Adventures for restrictions while visiting other lands.
    • No one may play any instrument (other than the guitar, for sims attempting to lift a restriction with Rock Star or Symphonic). (Also restricted by Entertainment).
      • As with Guitar, you may still learn the skills if otherwise able - you just cannot play the instruments.
    • Sims may not go on the "free vacation." Weather is too rough to permit flight. (Also restricted by Military, Politics, and Espionage. Plus Forensics for elders with less than 10 athletic skill.)
  • PETS
    • The Pet House has to be indoors or placed on the ground and covered by a roof or awning.
    • Your seasons must be set to all winter. Summer, Spring and fall must be shut off.
      • Once Symphonic is cleared, and until Naturalist is cleared, you may set your seasons to a minimum of 14 days of winter and a maximum of 14 days of spring for each year.
    • Sims MAY go to University.
    • You must set your seasons to all winter all the time for your founder and all subsequent heirs who attend University. If you've taken the How Much Time Do I Have? advantage, you may set your seasons as you wish for your founder, but they must be set to all winter for any other subsequent sims.
    • Plant sims may not photosyntesize.
    • Sims may not go snorkeling or scuba diving (also restricted by Athletic, Medical, Military, and Naturalist)
    • Sims may not take boats or jet skis out on the water
    • Sims may not move their house boat from the port at which it was first built (also restricted by Military).
    • The Helm of your houseboat must be inside. (also restricted by architect)
    • Sims may not wind surf
    • Only the Sim attempting to lift Medical via the Island Paradise Lifeguard method may become a Lifeguard.
    • Sims may not use the "Liquid Pro Quo" Pool Bar (also restricted by Culinary, Entertainment, Athletic, and Medical.)
    • Sims may not create, buy or use Solar Powered trait chip for Plumbots (also restricted by Science).
    • ALLOWED items and activities
      • tbd
      • Change Lifetime Wish (also restricted by Education)

  • MODS and HACKS
    • Twallen's Traveler mod - sims may NOT travel to other neighborhoods. The weather is simply too rough. (Also restricted by Military and Politics)
      • Any other mods or hacks that act in the same way as Traveler and enable your sim to visit other neighborhoods is likewise restricted.

With a mighty chord and a mighty roar
The icy grasp of winter is no more

All of the Music restrictions are lifted when your sim braves the elements and the zombies and puts on a one man show. The very elements seem to react to the thunderous booms of synthesized kettle drums and the crash of cymbals. In an amazing display, the heavens open up and the toxic ash is washed out of the sky by torrents of rain that cleanse the air.