The Story

For weeks, the powers that be in Twinbrook tried to cover up what the city's sewer system had done to the swamp. The original and very corrupt city planners, trying to cut corners and redirect funds into their own pockets, had skimped on building a proper water reclamation plant and just diverted all sewage to drain into the swamp. Over the years, sims taking baths and washing dishes resulted in massive amounts of soap being dumped into this delicate ecosystem. The ground and water became saturated with it. Ecological disaster that this was all on its own, it exacerbated the natural processes brewing under the wetlands. All the composting debris of raw sewage, old foliage and fish from the distant past caused an excess of methane and other volatile swamp gasses to accumulate right under all this pollution.

This would have not been a problem except for the soap residue that saturated the area making it impossible for this miasma of toxins to dissipate gradually into the atmosphere. One day, these gases broke to the surface in an immense bubble. Like all bubbles, once it got too big, it burst in a violent eruption. The concussive shock that was generated destroyed the nuclear power plants in the region, causing a cascading melt down that leaked tons of radiation into the countryside. This conflagration destroyed the entire region, sending Similization as we know it back to the dark ages and leaving the ground scorched and barren. Nearly all life for thousands of miles was wiped out.

You have been lucky. You managed to escape the cataclysm because you were out of the region at the time. When you returned home, the Green Cross at the airport suggested you make your way to the nearest area where relief efforts were underway if you wanted to return to what was once your home. You don't know how you managed it, but you wandered until you found this sheltered, if desolate place, where civilization in the region can rebuild itself. If you are strong enough, if you are committed enough, you can lead the efforts. You and your family ...