"It's not that they fly badly. It's that they fly at all." - Rich Burlew, Order of the Stick

We have a new tournament starting July 1st, 2017 so please see the rules below. Join the discussion on Facebook at the Facebook TS3AC for more information.

From time to time as a means of friendly competition, we hold a tournament. All normal Apocalypse rules apply, but in addition there is a scoring mechanism. The exact scoring changes from tournament to tournament; as of this writing, a new tournament will begin on 1 July 2017 and continue until 31 October 2017.
  • The tournament will be adjudicated by Audrey Flood, Amanda Erwin, Magdalena Endlova, and Miki Gain. They can all be found at the Facebook group. For the most up-to-date information, check Facebook.
  • You can also download a tracking spreadsheet on the wiki here: Open Office Version Excel Version
  • The registration form is here on our FaceBook page.
  • Winners will be gifted EA Store content as follows:
    • 1st Place: 3,000 Sim Points worth of store content
    • 2nd Place: 2500 Sim Points worth of store content
    • 3rd Place: 2000 Sim Points worth of store content
      • If you don't need or want anything from the store you can always request we gift your winnings to another simmer.
  • Scoring:
    • Completing your challenge
      • Your challenge is considered ended when you have 1) successfully lifted all restrictions and 2) completed ONE of the Ending Requirements found here.
    • Main Score
      • Main score is calculated as 1 point per restriction lifted. No points are awarded for Hopelessness (if you can't lift that, you need more practice). The maximum points here is 19; 1 point for each of the 19 restrictions.
      • There are Optional Restrictions that allow access to powerful skilling objects and will earn no points. Alien Technology has been moved to this category.
    • Bonus Points
      • Bonus points can be earned by completing various challenges and tasks or for collections. The maximum bonus points (total) that can be accrued is 250.
      • Bonus Options can be found here along with their scoring.
    • Advantages And Handicaps
      • Advantages (lowering your score) and handicaps (increasing your score) can be earned by accepting various additional restrictions, start up options, and similar. These can be found here along with their scoring. Occult Start Up is included in this and it is mandatory for ALL players. The maximum points you can gain from this category is 40 after all selected advantages and handicaps are considered.
    • Time Modifier
      • This will factor into your score how long it took you to complete the challenge. You will start with 300 points and each day of your challenge is subtracted from your score. This number could be negative and that is okay.
      • Your time is figured as the total number of days since the start of the challenge (deemed to be from the moment the founder returns from University, if relevant). If your founder goes to World Adventure locations for their founding lift or other sims go World Adventure locations for leisure or University after the challenge begins, this time will count so please track it or we will have to estimate if for you. If you are playing with Everything Is Buggered starting handicap, you can subtract 2 weeks from your total time to compensate for the time lost before your founder reached Young Adult age. University time post founder will be counted as actual time. The spreadsheet has a Time Spent Table to help you calculate your time. Be sure to put the day and week of the first day of your challenge. If you go to University this will be the week and day they return in game time. It will likely still be day 1 week 1 as time doesn't pass at home while your sim is at Uni.
    • Penalties.
      • If you make a mistake, you don't have to abandon the challenge; however, you do accrue a penalty:
        • -1 point for every time after the 5th that you accidentally do something you later discover you're not allowed to (for example, watching TV during the day, not leaving a community lot by 1900, chatting on the phone on a Wednesday). We all make mistakes; you can make such mistakes 5 times throughout the challenge without penalty. But after that, you get a 1 point penalty each time. This is capped at -15 points. Once you have 20 bloopers you fail the challenge. Note: this does not apply to autonomous actions. If a Sim autonomously does something they're not allowed to, cancel it - but don't worry about a penalty. You don't lose points if they autonomously play video games, or take selfies, but in the spirit of the rules do try to cancel such actions as often and as quickly as you can.
        • -5 points for restarting the game without saving. You are only allowed to do this one time for the entire tournament game. Note: if your game crashes or a game breaking bug happens that you do not wish to save, this penalty does not apply. You do not lose points for EA's buggy software.

Any or all expansion packs can be used; you can choose any type of supernatural and may turn off supernaturals you don't want in your game in the game options. If you do not play with University Life, you may begin the challenge immediately (see Set Up - and note the appropriate advantages should you decide to use University).

You may use any world including player made worlds. If the world you select has a combination School/Sports Stadium, go into Edit Town before beginning your challenge, remove the combination building, and place a separate school and sports stadium. Make whatever other adjustments to your world are needed (see Set Up for details).

We encourage competitors to keep a blog or similar screenshots to document their challenge, but it is not required.

FINAL NOTE: The tournament runs on the honour system; be honest and considerate of your fellow players, and remember that a lot of the time, it's more fun when things don't go perfectly.

Good luck!