"I believe that children are our future."

Sometimes, you get kids in your family without using Try For Baby. This page is about those sorts of kids, and what they can do for you in the challenge.

There are a few ways you can suddenly find yourself with a new household member. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list:
  • Using the Time Machine, you can bring back a child from the past or future.
  • Using the Time Portal, you can engineer new children.
  • You may occasionally marry a spouse and find that they have to bring their kids with them (if they were the only teen+ Sim living in their previous household).
  • You can create clones of other Sims using the Science Research Station.
  • You can create clones with Clone Vouchers.
  • You can use Oh My Ghost!, or subsequently the Science Facility, to add ghosts to your household

At most, they can lift a restriction. They can never become the heir; the only Sims that can become heirs are those that are naturally born into the household via Try For Baby (with further restrictions for Prestige Occult Sims; see Supernatural Sims for details). They may not even be able to lift a restriction; the following rules apply:
  • The child must be of no greater than Child age when it joins the household. If you come back from the past with a teenage child, that teen cannot lift a restriction for you. (You are free to kill them, or use whatever other legal means you have to get rid of them).
  • The child must have the heir as a parent. You can check their family tree to confirm this. If the parent is a spare, then the child cannot lift a restriction.
  • If you are playing a prestige occult and the child would otherwise not be possible (for example, if you are playing a fairy occult and the child is an engineered baby from Into the Future with the heir and a mundane Sim as the parents), then the child may still lift a restriction. They still may never become the heir, so you will still need to find a legal spouse and produce a child in the normal way as well.

With certain exceptions, such children are exempt from these restrictions, and may even become the heir if it was the current heir that was abducted. The exception is for prestige occults; most prestige occults cannot become pregnant via this manner, but for prestige humans, the resulting "devil child" may lift a restriction but may not become the heir.

If the new member of the household is not a relative, and you would otherwise be eligible to marry that Sim to your heir and produce babies normally, you may do so. This will most frequently happen using Oh My Ghost!