All international travel will require the clearing of the following careers

The only sims that may travel are sims that have lifted a restriction. There just isn't time for vacationing with so much that has to be done. Your reward for lifting a restriction is a nice long vacation, but not before.

All restrictions still in effect apply to sims on international adventures according to what has already been cleared.
The calamity at home has spread around the globe and created chaos in distant foreign locals as well.This means that if you can travel to China, France or Egypt, you may have to be very canny about how you get around not sleeping on the ground if Naturalist is not lifted yet, or how you manage to keep fed, since you cannot buy food from stores and you may not store food in your inventory – not even adventure rations – unless those specific restrictions have been lifted. You CAN eat them as soon as you find them, however. You MAY also use shower in a can without any restrictions since it isn't dependent on city water supply, but you may not have more than 3 items in your inventory at any one time if you haven't cleared Athletic …. you get the picture.

If you are lifting Business using the World Adventures method, the above travel restrictions are suspended for the Sim attempting the lift. See Business for more details. You may also lift Alien Technology with the World Adventures method, but you must obey all normal restrictions in this case. (Of course, you may combine your Business attempt and Alien Technology attempt to take advantage of the travel restrictions being suspended. That's not an exploit, that's just clever).